Two weeks in Croatia? All we can say is – lucky you! You’re unlikely to want to spend all of that time in one place unless you’re a true sun-worshipper and fancy spending a considerable amount of time on the beach and in the sea.

More likely, you could split your time by spending half your holiday on the beach and the other half doing some travelling around the country or the local area you are in, which is what we’d recommend doing.

A two week holiday means you have the relative luxury of seeing where your travels take you. To start off the planning stage of your holiday, why not book your flights into one city (e.g. Zadar or Split) and out of another (e.g. Dubrovnik) – and then plan your journey between the two.

tip For something a little different, why not try an activity holiday? It’s a great way of seeing different places in Croatia whilst trying out a new hobby or skill. Active Holidays Croatia can come up with a complete 10-day activity holiday tailored to your interests and abilities.

We would suggest being as flexible as possible – as you’ll travel through the country, you can decide there and then how long you’ll want to spend in each place. You may be in – say – Zadar and are more taken with it that you thought you’d be, so want to extend your stay there a bit. On the other hand, you may find other towns not what you thought they’d be, so want to move on as quickly as possible. (We’re not going to give any actual examples for this one…)

If you’re travelling outside of peak season (July & August), it’s very unlikely that you will have any problems finding accommodation on the spot. You may encounter people offering “Rooms/Sobe/Zimmer” at ports and bus stations – you can take a look at the room in question before accepting the price. If you’re travelling by car, you’ll also see plenty of guesthouses offering rooms (or, more specifically, vacancies) which is another good way of finding some accommodation if you don’t have anything booked. Alternatively, visit the local tourist office of the place you are in and they will be able to help you find accommodation – and this is a good thing to keep in mind if you are ever finding it difficult to secure a place to stay somewhere.

As you travel through the country and (providing you have Internet access or are able to pop into Internet cafes) you could also book ahead using websites such as or which offers a good selection of rooms and apartments, as well as hotels.

Try and pre-book your onward bus tickets the day before, if you can (particularly in you’re travelling in high season) so you’re guaranteed a space on the bus. Some buses in summer can get rather crowded. It isn’t always possible to pre-book tickets, especially at smaller towns, but ask at the bus station and see what they say.

Two Weeks in Croatia – Where to Go?

In two words: the coast! In all seriousness, two weeks is an excellent amount of time to explore the coastline of Croatia. You may either like to spend most of your time in Dalmatia, travelling between the mainland and its islands. Two weeks here will give you a really good feel of the area, and the numerous islands, resorts, towns and cities will mean you won’t see too much of the same and get bored.

For a slightly more stretched out holiday, you could also combine visiting Dalmatia with time spent further north, such as in Istria or Kvarner, or in Zagreb. If you do want to include Zagreb in your trip, do try and stop off at Plitvice Lakes National Park either on your way to or from the coast.