Books on Croatia

Learn more about the country and its language with these books on Croatia!

Once upon a time, there was only one guidebook on Croatia available…but now there are absolutely loads! Take a look at what books are available that will provide you with a good base for your trip to the country.

Area Guidebooks (Dubrovnik, Istria, Dalmatia)
A handful of guidebooks are dedicated solely to specific cities or regions of Croatia – here are some of the best.

Books on Croatia

In particular, road maps for those who plan on doing a certain amount of driving in the country.

Brush up on your Croatian with these books, CD-ROMs and dictionaries

A number of books on Croatia’s history, and its recent struggle for independence.

Re-create some of your favourite Croatian dishes with the help of these books!

Works of fiction and non-fiction.

Books in Croatian for Kids
Help the younger members of your family pick up a few words in Croatia with fun fiction books, dictionaries and puzzle books!

Croatian Music
Check out some of the best music by Croatian artists!