Krka National Park lies about 10km inland from Sibenik in this part of Dalmatia. Named after the Krka River, the Park covers an area of just over 142 square km and includes two thirds of the river itself. The top attraction of the Park are its magnificent waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski Buk falls which are one of Croatia’s most famous sights.

Other highlights include the small island of Visovac and Roski Slap waterfall. A boat trip through the park (included in the entrance ticket) is a great way of seeing much of the Park.

Best of all, it is possible to swim in some locations in Krka National Park! (To be sure to bring your swimming costume or trunks along!)

Krka National Park

Getting to Krka National Park

Check out our guide to getting to the park by public transport from Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and elsewhere!

If you’re looking for an organised excursion from Split, Omis or Makarska, Sunspot Tours offer small group or private tours from these coastal towns direct to Krka National Park. This highly-rated company can organise private and flexible tours for individuals, families or small groups using impeccably maintained vehicles with friendly drivers. Alternatively, you can also book yourself onto a small group tour with other travellers – these tours use small minivans, so no large and crowded tour buses here! Ultimately, Sunspot Tours can offer fully customisable tours to Krka National Park – contact them to find out what they can do for you.

Tickets for Krka National Park

As well as obviously buying tickets on arrival, tickets can now be pre-bought online on the Parks of Croatia website.

For full entry to all areas of the park, tickets cost 180 Kunas for adults in July and August (110 Kunas for children aged 7 – 18); 110 Kunas during April to June and September & October (80 Kunas for children); and 30 Kunas for adults for November to March (20 Kunas for children). Children under the age of 7 have free entry throughout the year.

Tickets include return boat rides from Skradin to Skradinski buk and Lozovac to Skradinski buk. However, boats do not operate during winter (November to March).

The are also cheaper tickets that only cover certain areas of the park. All details can be found on the Krka NP tickets page.

Features of Krka National Park

There’s a wide variety of both flora and fauna in the Park. Over 800 species of plantlife have been identified as being present in the National Park. Much of the animal life lives, unsurprisingly, in and around the waters of the Krka River which is home to different amphibian and reptile creatures. You will also be able to see many different bird species (there are over 200), and possibly some of the 18 different species of bat who call the Park their home!

What to see and do in Krka National Park

As mentioned, the Skradinski Buk waterfalls are a collection of 17 waterfalls that range in height by over 45 metres.

Krka National Park - Visovac

The tiny island of Visovac

The tiny island of Visovac in the Krka river was settled by Franciscan monks in 1445, who originally built a monastery in that year (later demolished, then rebuilt in the 18th century) and a church in 1576. The monastery contains a number of well-preserved artefacts and a library.

Roski Slap (slap being Croatian for waterfall) is another famous sight within Krka National Park. A series of 12 waterfalls in a space of 450 metres, the largest is just over 22 metres in height and 60 metres in width.

Undoubtedly the best way of seeing the sights of the Park is with a boat excursion – a number of these leave from Skradin. Not only will you be able to see the beauty of the Park up close (and in a relaxed manner) but these excursions include a chance to stop off and wander on footpaths along the water, as well as presentations and talks and other items of interest.

Krka National Park - River Krka

The River Krka in the National Park

Best of all (some might say) – unlike the Plitvice Lakes National Park, it is possible to swim in places in the Krka National Park.

Accommodation near to Krka National Park

If you want to stay very near to the Park, then the town of Skradin is the top (and only) choice. Hotel Skradinski Buk is located there, and you’ll also be able to find a few private accommodation possibilities too. Contact the Skradin Tourist Board for more information.

For further accommodation options, it is advisable to stay in Sibenik.

General info on Krka National Park

Krka National Park’s official website is

  • John

    Wow, great info on this site!

    We are looking at visiting Krka in late October – do you know if the boat tours are still running then?

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  • Hi there, how regularly do buses from from Split to Sibenik?

    • Very regularly – there’s at least 1 bus an hour, normally 2. Check out the timetables om the Split Bus Terminal website –

      • Thanks so much, and lastly, is getting back as easy?

        • You’re welcome! Yes, it’s the same frequency travelling in the opposite direction. Journey time is about 1 hour 30/40 minutes.

          • Wow- super quick reply, thank you so much. Much appreciated 🙂

          • Lizardo

            Hi! Sorry, but Im a bit confussed, from the webpage signaled before ( there is no bus from Split to Sibenik but rather from Split to Skradin…does this mean there is no need to change from bus at Sibenik? Or maybe I overlooked something? Thanks in advance!

          • Not the same website but here:

          • There’s plenty of buses a day from Split to Sibenik – on the Split Bus Terminal website, Sibenik is listed under ‘Š’ rather than ‘S’. However, it does appear that there’s now some direct buses from Split to Skradin in peak season. So, no need to change in Sibenik if heading to Krka. (Although as there’s so many buses per day between Split & Sibenik, it does provide some other travel options should the Split-Skradin buses not be suitable, time-wise.)

  • Hmida TroisMille

    Hello. Thanks for your very useful website.
    Do you know if boat tours allow some time to visit by foot, swim… ? Or do we stay on board from start to end ?

  • Iddinhakim

    Hello. How can i go here if i go by train

    • Train’s an awkward way of getting to Krka…also, where are you coming from? Sibenik’s the nearest large town to Krka, and you can get buses from there to the park. Technically, you can get to Sibenik but it would most likely involve changes. It would be easier to travel by bus!

  • judy

    What is the elevation of krka national park

    • Well, Skradin, where one of the entrances is, has an elevation of just above sea level. Technically there’s bits of the park that are above 200m elevation.

  • Komal Kumar

    Hi I want to visit plitvice national park!! Croatia!! by June, from Stockholm, Sweden.

    Which is the best and cheapest way to book ticket and what is the route to get in


  • sepideh

    I am planning a holiday to Croatia, to Umag and really want to see the Krka waterall (especially the area we can swim). How far is it fro Umag to the waterfall and how much roughly would it be? What is the best way of getting there and how long will it take? 🙂 thanks all

    • I’m afraid from Umag (right at the top of the Croatian coast!) to Krka National Park (halfway between Zadar and Split, and inland) is too far – it’s over 400km. You can’t get there direct by public transport in any case (you’d be looking at at least one change of bus, if not two) and I don’t believe any local agencies organise excursions. Sorry!

      Local agencies in Umag would most likely offer excursions to Plitvice Lakes National Park (not possible by public transport either as no direct route); you can’t swim in Plitvice but it is magical!

  • Hailey

    Hello 🙂
    I’m planning a holiday to Zrce beach on the 24th of August. Just wondering how it would be possible to travel to Krka national park and how much would it cost? Thank you 🙂

    • You’d have to travel Novalja to Zadar, and then change here for a bus to Skradin (where the entrance of Krka NP is) as there’s no direct buses from Novalja. Do-able in a day, just about! You can see timetables on the Zadar Bus Terminal website at

      It’d be about 160 Kunas return for the Novalja – Zadar bus, about 130 Kunas return for the Zadar – Skradin route. I don’t know if any local agencies in Novalja organise such a trip (hmm, perhaps not…), but it might be worth asking around when there if there’s an organised option.

  • Monika

    Hiya we plan to go to krka by car. Is there enough parking spaces and how much is it? Thx

    • The biggest car park is by the entrance in Lozovac; I’m afraid I don’t know how many spaces there are (certainly a good amount) but parking is free.

      • Monika


  • Bavo

    We will visit Sibenik on 9 september. We want to visit krka. Is there a bus from sibenik to krka? How much will it costs? Thanks

    • Yes, there are buses to Skradin where one of the entrances is. Oddly, I can’t find up to date timetables online but just ask at Sibenik bus station and you’ll get the details. I’m sorry, I don’t know the price but it won’t be very much as it’s not a very long journey! (About 20km)

  • Marie-Eve Genois

    We would like to visit Krka National Park on August 25th from Sibenik and we would like to know the departure hours for the bus? We only found a website with hours from 2012… Is there something else that we can look for?

    Also, we found the boat timetable from Skradin to Skradinski buk, is it the entrance of the park?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • I would strongly recommend that you contact the Sibenik Tourist Office (see details at as I am sure that they have proper, up-to-date summer timetable details for Sibenik-Krka to hand that they can send you.

      I’ve noticed this before, but it’s strange how hard it is to find bus times for Sibenik to Krka NP! The best I could do is a slightly more up-to-date timetable that I have found from the same bus company website (as part of their general ‘county routes’ page) is at (this is weekday schedule). It’s not the clearest for reporting departures to Skradin, but what it does say is that departures from Sibenik to Skradin are at:

      9am, 11.15am, 2pm, 3.30pm, 8pm

      whilst Skradin to Sibenik are at:

      10.45am, 12.15pm, 5pm

      But I think this is the year-round timetable i.e. they should be more buses that this for summer. So I would still definitely contact Sibenik Tourist Office.

      Yes, Skradin is where one of the entrances to Krka National Park is.

  • Galit Itkin

    I am planning a trip to Krka National Park and am interested
    in the Educational Hiking Trail: Stinice – Roški slap – Oziđana pećina.
    I would like to know:
    1. Is there car parking at Stinice?
    2. If I walk on this trail, how can I get back to the starting point at Stinice? Is there a bus or boat or do I have to walk all the way back again?

    Thank you for your help.

    • When are you planning on visiting Krka? If it’s out of season, you should be able to enter the park with your car and park close to Stinice; if not, you’ll most likely have to park at one of car parks at the entrances (or close to one of them) and get a bus into the park.

      You can see details of a boat covering this trail on the price list page at

  • Tasmin Taylor

    We will be staying in Kastel Luksic near Kastel Stari next month and I wonder if you could advise the quickest/easiest route to visit Krka National Park?

    • Head over to Split (very close to K. Luksic/Stari) and then get a bus from there to Skradin, where one of the entrances to the park is. Or go via Sibenik which will give you more options, bus time-wise.

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  • Nana

    I was wondering where do people leave there belongings when they are swimming in the Krka waterfalls?

    Thank you!

    • Hi, if you’re meaning a suitcase or similar (perhaps you’re visiting Krka NP on your way from one place to another), there aren’t any left luggage facilities at the park. However, you could ask at a local cafe/restaurant/accommodation place near to one of the entrances (e.g. in Skradin) and I am sure they would hold your luggage for you for a small fee. Or if you mean your bag when in the park – just on the side!

  • Ray Izzard

    Is there enough time to visit Roski Slap and Skradin buk in one day by bus from Split, please and Hvala

    • Assuming you are visiting in summer (when there’s more buses from Split to Skradin, where one of the entrances to Krka NP is), yes you’ll have plenty of time in the park to visit both. Or you can also visit Krka with an organised excursion – ask locally when in Split.

  • Tanya Elston

    Can you recommend a company operating organised excursions to Krka from Split please?

    • Phil Dooner

      Go and see Dragan in his near the Opera – one of the side streets near the Zara shop. Excellent bus trip to the falls

  • Abbie


    I am staying at Sensimar Adriatic Beach in May and i am wanting to go to Krka National park for a day trip. There are so many entrances and different tours to chose from. Thomson doesnt pick up from my hotel as i was going to book with them. Can you let me know who is cheapest to book with and the best tour that will involve a boat trip around the Visovac, a tour and a dip in the lakes at the end?



    • Sorry, I wouldn’t have such info – I’d suggest contacting the Makarksa Tourist Office ( to see if they can help; they should be able to let you know which local agencies book tours to Krka. However, it’s not so busy at the end of May, so I think you should be fine to just pop along to a local agency and enquire about tours with your specific requirements, and book there and then.

    • Charlotte Barber

      Hi Abbie,
      Just wondering what did in the end about visiting Krka and if you managed to go? We are going in September and have the same problem as you staying at the same hotel and wanting to visit Krka.
      If you could let me know any information you have would be brilliant!
      Thank you

    • Charlotte Barber

      Hi Abbie,
      Just wondering what did in the end about visiting Krka and if you managed to go? We are going in September and have the same problem as you staying at the same hotel and wanting to visit Krka.
      If you could let me know any information you have would be brilliant!
      Thank you

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  • Hoho Chang

    I will go to Krka National Park from Zadar. Is there any place I can store my luggage in Skradin or Krka National park?

  • Hoho Chang

    I will go to Krka National Park from Zadar. Is there any place I can store my luggage in Skradin or Krka National park?

    • I believe the travel agency in Skradin stores luggage for travellers, and perhaps some other establishments may also do so on an unofficial basis (i.e. they are not a proper luggage storage facility!).

  • I believe the travel agency in Skradin stores luggage for travellers, and perhaps some other establishments may also do so on an unofficial basis (i.e. they are not a proper luggage storage facility!).

  • Cassandra Arnell

    How can I get here from Italy?

  • Cassandra Arnell

    How can I get here from Italy?

  • Where in Italy will you be travelling from? There are ferries from Ancona to Split (see ) and then from Split it is about an hour and a half by bus to Krka National Park.

  • Cathy

    I am going to Krka in mid-October from Sibenik. When do the buses run? The only one I found doesn’t get there until almost 12:00.

    • As far as I know, there should also be one at 9am as well as the 11.15am one (and some in the afternoon).

  • Holly

    Can you swim in October?

    • No, they don’t allow swimming from 1st October.

  • Ren Esho

    Is there public transport from Zadar? Or would i need to get a Taxi down?

  • Tasha Holding

    Is there anywhere to put valuables in the swimming areas?

    • No there isn’t – you just have to hide your stuff in amongst your clothes etc as if you were on a beach! However, obviously everyone else is doing the same.

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