Flights in Croatia

IMPORTANT Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Croatia Airlines is still operating a limited timetable of internal flights (as well as flights to other countries). Below is the usual timetable for flights in Croatia – please check on the Croatia Airlines website for updates as to what routes are currently operating. (They update their timetables each month.)

Flights in Croatia

Travelling around Croatia by air is, of course, by far the quickest means of getting around the country, and there are numerous daily flights in Croatia that will enable you to zip around the country very easily. Croatia’s main airline, Croatia Airlines, operates regular services between Zagreb and other airports within the country, including Dubrovnik, Split, Pula and Zadar, and there are also flights between some of these airports as well.

Flights in Croatia

Below are details for internal flights in Croatia – we’ve specified the routes that operate year-round. As you can see, it’s relatively easy to fly around the country, pretty much any day of the week! See the Croatia Airlines website for the exact timetable details and dates of operation – even flights that only operate in summer do not do so for the whole season.

NOTE: As we’ve mentioned at the top of the page, the flights shown below are what would operate in a ‘normal’ year. Please double-check on the Croatia Airlines what flights are currently operating. (The timetable is updated each month.)

Domestic Flights in Croatia 2021
From…To…Flight TimeOperates on
Mali Losinj50 minsTues, Fri, Sun
45 mins
Daily (year-round)
50 mins
Daily (year-round)
Bol (Brac)55 minsTues, Sat
Dubrovnik55/65 minsDaily (year-round)
Osijek40 minsMon, Weds, Fri (year-round)
Zagreb40 minsDaily (year-round)
35 mins
Daily (year-round)
Split50 minsMon, Fri (year-round)
Dubrovnik55 minsTues
Osijek1 hour 15 minsMon, Fri (year-round)
Split40 minsTues, Thurs (year-round)
Osijek50 minsTues, Thurs (year-round)
Pula35 minsDaily (year-round)
Zagreb45 minsDaily (year-round)
Bol (Brac)
Zagreb50 minsSat
Zagreb45 minsDaily (year-round)
Pula50 minsMon, Fri (year-round)
Rijeka50 minsTues, Thurs (year-round)
Dubrovnik40 minsTues, Thurs (year-round), Sat
Osijek55 minsFri
55 mins
Daily (year-round)
Pula50 minutesTues
Rijeka1 hour 20 minsFri
Split45 minsTues, Thurs (year-round)
Osijek55 minsThurs (year-round)
Zagreb45 minsMon, Weds, Fri
Pula1 hourMon, Fri (year-round)
Rijeka1 hour 5 minsTues, Thurs (year-round)
55 mins
Dubrovnik1 hourThurs (year-round)

A charter airline called Trade Air also exists in Croatia, operating a number of flights in the country. Their flights can also be booked on the Croatia Airlines website.

Travelling between Zagreb and Rijeka

We haven’t included this in the above table, but there is also a direct bus link from Zagreb Airport to the main bus station in Rijeka (and vice versa). This route operates every day, with buses departing Zagreb Airport at 3.30pm. The return bus departs Rijeka at 5am; journey time is 2 hours. More details can be found at the operating company’s website: Pleso Prijevoz.

Flights in Croatia may be cheaper than you think!

As with most flight travel, some real bargains can be had if you book early enough. Checking (five months in advance) on the Croatia Airlines website for a Zagreb – Dubrovnik one-way flight for July 2021, the price is 431.25 Kunas – that’s about £49/$70/€57.

By comparison, a one-way bus journey on the same route costs about 219 Kunas (£25/$35/€29). So cheaper, of course, but not by all that much – and the flight only takes 55 minutes as opposed to 9 to 12 hours by bus. Ouch!

Flights in Croatia
Dubrovnik Airport

Airports in Croatia

Some route details of flights in Croatia, and information on travelling to and from the airports, can be found on these websites: