Barrakud Festival

The party returned in 2022 – more or less – as festivals in Croatia resumed last year after you-know-what. 2023 should be an even better celebration with numerous events in many wonderful locations along the Croatian coast (and inland) – just take a look below!

Festivals in Croatia 2023

  • Sea Star Festival
    Umag, 19th & 20th May 2023
    Part of the ‘Exit family’ of festivals, this event normally kicks off the festival calendar each year
  • Mystic Mountain Festival
    Rudopolje, 19th – 25th June 2023
    An intimate week-long event that’s part-music festival, part nature retreat!
  • Gates of Agartha
    Cave Romane near Pula, 23rd & 24th June 2023
    A brand new event for 2023 in a stunning location – a former Roman quarry!
  • Hideout Festival
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 25th – 29th June 2023
    Now in its eleventh year, one of the most popular festivals in Croatia
  • Dropzone
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 3rd – 6th July 2023
    Hard dance in Novalja’s beachside clubs
  • Bear Stone Festival
    Donje Primislje (near Karlovac), 7th & 8th July 2023
    Something completely different – desert/stoner rock in the beautiful Croatian interior!
  • Hospitality on the Beach
    Tisno, 4th – 11th July 2023
    Drum and bass heaven
  • Ultra Europe
    Split, 7th – 9th July 2023
    Ultra Europe’s ninth edition will surely feature some BIG names on the bill
  • Love International
    Tisno, 12th – 18th July 2023
    Celebrating its sixth edition, Love International will be its usual amazing self in 2023
  • Seasplash Festival
    Sibenik, 20th – 23rd July 2023
    The 21st – and final – Seasplash; head down to Sibenik to see this festival off in style
  • SuncéBeat
    Tisno, 20th – 27th July 2023
    Another week of revelry from the crew behind Southport Weekender
  • Day & Night
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 24th – 27th July 2023
    Top DJs in the main clubs of Zrce Beach
  • Outlook Origins
    Tisno, 27th July – 1st August 2023
    Outlook returns to its Dalmatian origins once again
  • Membrain Festival
    Sibenik, 3rd – 6th August 2023
    All about bass culture
  • Defected Croatia
    Tisno, 3rd – 8th August 2023
    Previously Ibiza regulars, Defected return to Croatia to showcase the best of house music
  • Barrakud
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 6th – 10th August 2023
    Techno in the clubs of Zrce Beach
  • Mo:Dem
    Primislje, 7th – 13th August 2023
    A psychedelic rave with stunning art and visuals in the forest
  • Flamingo Republic
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 14th – 17th August 2023
    Total exuberance in Zrce Beach’s clubs
  • Sea Dance in Exile
    Malinska, island of Krk, 17th – 19th August 2023
    A festival that’s moved location from Montenegro to Croatia this year ((hence the name)
  • Sonus Festival
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 20th – 24th August 2023
    Sonus’s celebrates its tenth year in 2023; another crop of top techno and electro names will be performing
  • Dekmantel
    Tisno, 24th – 28th August 2023
    An intimate, late-season event in The Garden Tisno
  • Summer Peak
    Zrce Beach, island of Pag, 26th August – 2nd September 2023
    Rounding off the season in Novalja
  • Dimensions
    Tisno, 31st August – 4th September 2023
    In its 11th year, Dimensions rounds off the season in Tisno
  • Goulash Disko
    Komiza, island of Vis, 13th – 17th September 2023
    A super-chilled and very fun festival on the lovely island of Vis
  • Flows Festival
    Ugljan, 13th – 17th September 2023
    Electro music in an intimate setting – only 200 attendees – on the gorgeous Ugljan
Barrakud Festival

Reviews of Festivals in Croatia

Unsurprisingly, almost all of the festivals that are held in Croatia are very highly regarded and well-reviewed by the music press. Here are some reviews of festivals held in previous years:

Other Festivals

The very well-known Exit Festival is held in the neighbouring country of Serbia and is an amazingly fun event to attend – and perfect for combining with a holiday in Croatia.

First held in 2000 as a protest against the political system at the time, Exit has now grown considerably to become one of Europe’s top festivals.

Held in the impressive Petrovaradin Fortress at night-time (festival hours are 9pm to 6am each day), many head to Exit as a chance to experience an incredibly fun – not to mention eclectic – foreign festival in a cheaper setting.

Check out the Exit Festival website for more details on the event. Visit Croatia attended the 2009 Exit Festival – read up on my experiences, as well as hints and tips that may be useful to you!

The team behind the Exit Festival have also expanded to host multiple festivals in different countries in this part of the world. As well as the Sea Star Festival in Croatia (see above), there’s the Sea Dance Festival in Budva, Montenegro and the No Sleep Festival in Belgrade, Serbia – amongst others.