Eastern Croatia

Eastern Croatia, the area right by the borders of Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia & Hercegovina, is perhaps not the most visited part of the country which is a shame. It’s a very interesting part of Croatia with some great cities to visit – such as Osijek – some wonderful areas of nature – such as Kopacki Rit Nature Park – and other fabulous experiences such as the local wineries!

Eastern Croatia

Take a look at our guide to eastern Croatia to help you plan your trip to the area:

  • Osijek
    The largest city in this region is a wonderful place to visit
  • Vukovar
    Croatia’s most easterly city has had a tough recent past but is a fascinating place
  • Slavonski Brod
    A long-inhabited place due to its prime position on the banks of the River Sava, home to the impressive Brod Fortress
  • Events in Eastern Croatia
    Find out the goings on in this part of Croatia

Wineries in Eastern Croatia

There are plenty of wineries to visit all along Croatia’s fantastic coastline – but did you know that this part of the country is also famous for very fine wineries and wine? When you visit the area be sure to stop in at least one winery (hopefully more!) to sample some of the excellent wines produced here. Consider Josic Winery in Zmajevac or Ilocki Podrumi in Ilok.

More info on Eastern Croatia

You can learn more about this region on the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board website or the Vukovar-Syrmia County Tourist Board website.