Itineraries for Croatia

If you’re planning a holiday to Croatia, but not sure how long to go for and where to go when you’re there – welcome to the Itineraries for Croatia section!

Here, we’ll try and help you plan your holiday, whether you want to visit the country for a long weekend or for three or more weeks.

Itineraries for Croatia
  • A weekend break in Croatia
    A short break/long weekend in Croatia is certainly possible (hey, it’s only a 2-hour flight from the UK), though it’s often overlooked as a long weekend destination.
  • City Break in Croatia
    Ideas for the best cities to visit in Croatia on a short trip to the country.
  • A Wellness Break in Croatia
    How best to enjoy a health and wellness break, including thermal spas and yoga retreats.
  • One Week in Croatia
    Many people spend a week’s holiday in Croatia – here we give you some vacation ideas and possible itineraries.
  • Ten Days in Croatia
    One of the most popular itineraries for Croatia – if you’re after a whistle-stop tour of Croatia in ten days, taking in some of the most famous towns, cities, islands and sights, this is the plan for you!
  • Two Weeks in Croatia
    A fortnight means you could split your holiday in half – either by destination or by activity! Why not spend half lazing by the sea and the other half travelling around?
  • Three Weeks in Croatia
    Three weeks in the country is wonderful if you have the time! You can have a flexible holiday, travelling around and spending as much (or as little) time in each place as you fancy.
  • What Not to Miss in Croatia
    The absolute top places, sights and experiences in Croatia that you shouldn’t miss if you only have a short amount of time
  • How to plan a holiday to Croatia
    A step-by-step guide to putting together a holiday in this beautiful country
  • Why Go to Croatia?
    Here are our top reasons for visiting beautiful Croatia
  • When to Go to Croatia
    Find out what time of year it’s best to go to Croatia – for you!
  • Where to Go to Croatia
    Stuck for where to head to in Croatia? Read our tips for deciding.
  • Top Sights in Croatia
    The country’s most famous, simply stunning sights
  • Top 10 Destinations in Croatia
    Our pick of the best places to visit in Croatia.
  • The 11 Best Islands in Croatia
    The best of the islands to explore
  • How to do Croatia on a Budget
    Our tips for making savings when visiting the country
  • Family Holidays in Croatia
    Accommodation, activities and attractions suitable for holidays with the kids
  • Honeymoon in Croatia
    How best to plan a special holiday to Croatia, including the best destinations and activities for a bit of romance in Croatia
  • Solo Holidays in Croatia
    The best destinations and types of holiday in Croatia for those travelling solo
  • Readers’ Favourite Destination
    We ran a poll to discover what our readers thought was the best destination in Croatia. And, what was it? Find out here!
  • Tours of Croatia
    If you’d prefer to join an organised, multi-day tour to explore Croatia’s highlights, take a look at what’s available here.