As we’re sure many of our readers and visitors know, there are unfortunately at present no direct US to Croatia flights in existence. Should any such flights come into operation, we will definitely feature the news on this website!

US to Croatia Flights

US to Croatia Flights – Direct

In early 2011, Croatia signed an Open Air Skies Service Agreement with the US, paving the way for direct flights between the two countries. Or sort of – just because the agreement exists, doesn’t mean there’s actually any direct flights in operation!

There are, at present, no direct flights from America to Croatia and despite rumours appearing every now and then, there don’t seem to be any plans for flights either.

US to Croatia Flights – Indirect

Take a look at our Travelling to Croatia Indirectly page – much of the advice there also holds true in this case. Research the best way for you to reach Europe from your home city or state – it’s then relatively easy to travel on by air (or other transport – train, bus or ferry) to Croatia.

If you’d like to reach Croatia by air, we would advise that the best places to fly to in Europe are London or somewhere in Germany (you have assorted options, but Munich and Frankfurt are probably the best airports to fly to). These cities offer many flights to Croatia; in the case of London, however, you will probably have to transfer between airports. Rome is another suitable airport to fly via – Croatia Airlines has direct flights to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik from here.

Italy would certainly also be a good country to fly to and then travel on to Croatia using public transport options such as bus, train or ferry (particularly to Istria). Indeed, a two-country holiday of Italy and Croatia is a wonderful idea! See our Travelling from Italy to Croatia guide to help you plan routes between the two countries.

Other information for US Travellers to Croatia

Do also take a look at our American Tour Operators for Croatia page and contact one of the companies listed there if you’d like help in planning a trip to Croatia.