US to Croatia Flights

Finally, after many years of no air connections between the two countries – as well as some false starts – there are now direct US to Croatia flights! Read on below to find out all the details.

US to Croatia Flights

US to Croatia Flights – Direct

United will continue to operate their New York-Newark to Dubrovnik flights for 2022. This year, flights will commence on 27th May and will operate four times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays – until 26th October 2022.

Other flights

In the previous few years, other airlines have also operated flights from the US to Croatia…but these will not be running in 2022. However, we’ll continue to provide info about these routes here in case they do start again in the near(ish) future.

Delta started operating flights from New York to Dubrovnik in 2021, flying four times a week from New York-JFK Airport. Unfortunately, this route will not be operating in 2022.

American Airlines commenced direct flights from Philadelphia International Airport to Dubrovnik in summer 2019, with flights operating three times a week. Unfortunately, the pandemic put paid to the route in 2020 and 2021, and the airline has announced that they will not resume the service for the time being.

New airline Pragusa One were due to start two ambitious routes – from Los Angeles and New York-Newark – to Dubrovnik in 2021, but neither materialised. (Like the rest of their flight network!) They state they will operate flights in 2022, but booking is still not yet available.

Canada to Croatia Flights – Direct

Air Transat will resume its Toronto – Zagreb service from 7th May 2022, flying once a week until 7th June when a second flight will be added on the route. These flights will operate until 29th October 2022.

Other flights

Air Canada has previously operated flights from Toronto to Zagreb (flying three times a week during the summer season) but these will not run in 2022.

US to Croatia Flights – Indirect

Although we’re sure the above flights will help many visitors from North America reach Croatia, there are still plenty of other ways of travelling to Croatia. Whether it’s because the above routes aren’t that suitable for you, or because of flight prices, you still have lots of other options.

Indeed, Italy is a great country to fly to – and many travellers plan a two-country holiday of Italy and Croatia. We’d certainly say that’s a wonderful idea! There are numerous buses and ferries connecting the two countries. See our Travelling from Italy to Croatia guide to help you plan routes between the two countries.

If you’d prefer to fly into Croatia (via a stopover), we would advise that the best places to fly to in Europe are London or somewhere in Germany (you have a number of options, but Munich and Frankfurt are probably the best airports to fly to). These cities offer many flights to Croatia; in the case of London, however, you will probably have to transfer between airports. Rome is another suitable airport to fly via – Croatia Airlines has direct flights to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik from here.

Do also take a look at our Travelling to Croatia Indirectly page – much of the advice there also holds true if travelling from North America. Research the best way for you to reach Europe from your home city or state. It’s then relatively easy to travel on by air (or other transport – train, bus or ferry).

Other information for US Travellers to Croatia

Check out our American Tour Operators for Croatia page and contact one of the companies listed there if you’d like help in planning a trip to Croatia.