Krk - Baska

Krk is the largest island in the Adriatic, covering 157 square miles (405.78 square km). It is also one of the most populous with 17,000 inhabitants. It is well developed and very busy with tourists as it is connected by bridge to the mainland. Rijeka Airport is also located on the island.

We would not call this island the most beautiful or the greenest, but it is well equipped with tourist facilities which means it’s a very popular place to visit and holiday on. The main resorts on the island are Malinska, Omisalj, Vrbnik, Punat and Krk Town, as well as Baska – popular because of its sandy beach.

Krk Town, island of Krk
Krk Town

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Sightseeing on Krk

Krk Town is famous for St. Mary’s Cathedral, the seat of the Krk bishopric. Built it the 12th century, the cathedral receiving the addition of a bell tower in the 16th century. The Frankopan Castle was built over several centuries from the 12th century, and stands looking out over the sea, acting as a fortress (once upon a time) to protect against attacks from the sea. The 11th century Church of St Quirinus is unique for its two layers; the main town square, Kamplin, is named after the Latin word campus.

Near Punat is the small island of Kosljun, which is home to a Franciscan Monastery.

Omisalj has a number of churches, whilst the remains of a 5th century basilica is located near the town.

Baska is home to the Church of St John the Baptist from the 11th century, which has a bell tower that houses the oldest bell in the area, from 1431. The Church of the Holy Trinity contains paintings from well known painters. In the Church of St Lucy (outside of Baska) the Baska Tablet was discovered – this is a tablet with the oldest dated written Croatian. (The tablet is now in the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.)

Krk - Baska
The town of Baska on Krk

Accommodation on Krk

As befitting such a popular holiday island, there are numerous hotels all over the island. Private accommodation is also available in all of the towns. See our Accommodation on Krk section for more details.

Adventure on Krk

Adventurous travellers may be excited to learn that there is a zipline located on the island, not too far from Punat. Zipline Edison offers a two hour experience for the whole family (kids under 12 ride accompanied by an adult) on 8 ziplines in total, with a total length of over 2km. Not only fun, but an opportunity to experience some gorgeous views!

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