Getting to Croatia

In this section, we’ll cover the various ways of getting to Croatia. You can of course do so by air, bus, train, car and ferry (at least, these are the most sensible ways of getting there!) and your mode of transport may well depend on the country you’re travelling from and its proximity to Croatia.

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Getting to Croatia
Flying above Croatia

Reaching Croatia indirectly by air from the UK

Once upon a time, direct flights to Croatia from the UK weren’t plentiful at all; those that did exist were rather expensive – no low-cost airlines flew to the country, so there was little competition and fares were relatively pricey. Back in those limited times, we often recommended to travellers that they should utilise low-cost flights to nearby countries (such as Italy, Austria and Hungary) and then make their way over to Croatia by bus, train or ferry.

These days, travellers don’t really have the same problem. There are many direct flights from the UK (at least, in summer!) to almost all of the major airports in Croatia. See our Flights to Croatia from the UK & Ireland page.

However, you might still consider travelling to Croatia indirectly. Why? Here’s a few reasons:

1) You’re travelling to a place/region in Croatia with poor air connections from the UK.
2) You’re travelling from a place/region in the UK with poor air connections to Croatia.
3) You’re travelling in low season, when there are only direct flights to Zagreb and Dubrovnik.
4) You want to give yourself more options – e.g. Ryanair fly twice a week to Pula, but daily to Trieste (in summer).
5) You might like to combine your holiday in Croatia with some time in a neighbouring country – thus flying out to Croatia and back from somewhere else (or vice versa).

If one of the above applies to you, read our guide to Travelling to Croatia Indirectly page.

Reaching Croatia from the UK & Ireland via a stopover

For even more travel options if you’re flying to Croatia, you can also travel via a stopover in another European country. This is most likely to be Germany (Eurowings‘ network of flights is especially good), although the expansion of Easyjet‘s network means stops in Geneva, Milan, Paris or Berlin could work.

Take a look at our Flying to Croatia with a Stopover page.

Getting to Croatia from other countries in Europe

Do also take a look at the following pages for information on reaching Croatia from these countries:

Flying to Croatia from North America

You will almost certainly be flying to Croatia via a stopover elsewhere in Europe, such as in the UK, Germany or Italy. However, do also see some background information on possible connections on our US to Croatia Flights page.

Flying to Croatia from Asia

There do now also exist some direct flights from Asian cities to Croatia – see our Flights from Asia to Croatia page for more details.

More on Getting to Croatia

Check out the new website Croatian Aviation which covers daily updates on all matters relating to flying to Croatia.