Croatian For Travellers

Welcome to the Croatian for Travellers Croatian language guide. Here we present some useful words and phrases from the Croatian language (hrvatski jezik) to help you on your trip to Croatia.

Croatian For Travellers

From the list below, click on a chapter to view it online or right-click on the MP3 link to download it to your computer. You can also simply click on the MP3 link for any chapter to listen to direct – this may be especially suitable if you’re viewing this website on a smartphone or tablet.

Croatian Language Chapters

Introduction: Croatian Pronunciation

Chapter 1: Croatian Greetings and the Basics | MP3 Download (size: 2.55MB)

Chapter 2: Croatian Numbers, Days, Months and the Time | MP3 Download (7.12MB)

Chapter 3: Useful travel words in Croatian | MP3 Download (3.61MB)

Chapter 4: On the plane to Croatia | MP3 Download (7.12MB)

Chapter 5: On arrival in Croatia | MP3 Download (1.40MB)

Chapter 6: At the hotel in Croatia | MP3 Download (4.52MB)

Chapter 7: Phrases for travelling around Croatia | MP3 Download (2.47MB)

Chapter 8: Croatian phrases for about town and shopping | MP3 Download (3.74MB)

Chapter 9: Croatian dining phrases | MP3 Download (3.38MB)

Chapter 10: Croatian phrases for going out

If you’d like to listen to the above audio files on your iPod or MP3 player, you can! Simply right-click on one of the above MP3 files and select “Save Target As…” (or similar). Save each file to somewhere on your hard drive, and then load it into your iTunes or audio software library. Then transfer the files across to you MP3 player in the normal way.

Croatian Language Booklets

You can also print out the language guide using the following PDF files:

A “booklet” version for you to print out and fold into an A5 size.   (PDF File – 80Kb)

Printing hint: Select print in the file menu and (at the bottom of this window) select “print odd pages only” first. Then reload your printer with these printed pages and now select “print even pages only”. Alternatively, you might have an automatic double-sided printer to do this for you!

Or, a “handout” version to print out single or double sided (A4 size). (PDF File – 79.8Kb)

Any comments?

I hope this language guide will make your holiday in Croatia more enjoyable. If you get stuck and are having difficulty in being understood or need other language help, approach a young person as almost all understand and speak some English. (In most cases – very good English indeed!) You can also go to the nearest tourist office, as the staff there will definitely speak English. Please note that Croats are always eager and ready to help. Have a good holiday!

If you would like a bit more help online, Google Language Tools offer Croatian to English translation (and vice versa) of both text and webpages. Eudict is a great online dictionary offering comprehensive translations.

P.S. I would appreciate all your comments and suggestions about this page – please email me at Please also tell us and everyone else about your holiday experience in Croatia on the Visit Croatia Forum.