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The sixth-largest island in Croatia, Korcula is 20 miles long and rather narrow, between 4 and 5 miles wide on average. This island is known for its dense forest and the ancient Greeks called the island Black Korcula (Kerkyra melaina) for this reason.

Korcula Town

The main resorts are Korcula Town (people call it “Little Dubrovnik” because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses), Vela Luka and Lumbarda. There are also smaller towns and villages dotted around the island for those looking for a more secluded holiday.

Korcula is one of Croatia’s most treasured islands although, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, not quite as popular as some of its slightly more northern counterparts, such as Brac and Hvar. This may be because the island is a little further away to get to (both from Split or Dubrovnik) and some of the most convenient ferry services to the island only run in summer.

On one hand, of course, this is somewhat of a shame but on the other, this means you have fewer crowds and can enjoy the island more!

See below for our tips on reaching the island, its history and what to see and where to stay.

Events on Korcula

Generally, events on the island centre around the summer months – peak season – when there are more people around to enjoy all the festivities. Each main town is likely to have some kind of “summer evenings” mini-festival, with assorted events – art exhibitions, folklore evenings, singing, dancing, music, fishermen’s evenings – taking place from about mid-June to September, or thereabouts. Check the websites of the tourist offices listed below for an up-to-date schedule of events.

One of the main events to look out for is performances of the famous Moreska dance. These normally take place twice a week in the town during summer – check locally for more details.

Tourist Offices on Korcula

Korcula Town Tourist Office at Trg 19. travnja 1921. br.40, 20260 Korčula, Tel: 020 715 701
Website: www.visitkorcula.net
Email: info@visitkorcula.eu

Vela Luka Tourist Office at Ulica 3 br. 19, 20270 Vela Luka, Tel: 020 813 619
Website: www.tzvelaluka.hr
Email: tzo-vela-luka@du.tel.hr

Lumbarda Tourist Office Tel: 020 712 005
Website: www.tz-lumbarda.hr
Email: info@tz-lumbarda.hr

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