The Kvarner Riviera is located next to Istria (along the Croatian coast) and is centred around the city of Rijeka, which is the busiest port on the Adriatic. The most famous resort in this area is Opatija, with Lovran, Crikvenica, Kraljevica and Novi Vinodolski also popular. The islands of Krk, Losinj, Cres and Rab are also considered to be part of the Kvarner region.

The Kvarner Riviera has a long association with tourism with some resorts – especially Opatija and Crikvenica – emerging as popular holiday destinations in the late 19th century. Opatija in particular was an upmarket resort visited by many well-to-do holidaymakers – including various European royal family members – and is still considered something of an upmarket resort today, as evidenced by the five-star hotels it is home to.

The Kvarner Riviera - Opatija


For more information about the Kvarner Riviera and its destinations and resorts, see our special pages below:

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    A searchable, scrollable and zoomable map of the main city in the Kvarner Riviera, Rijeka
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    What to see and do in the main city in the Kvarner Riviera
  • Opatija
    Croatia’s “grand dame” resort, the town retains much of the charm that has attracted tourists since the late 19th century
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    A smaller resort than Opatija, but still a popular holiday destination

Islands in the Kvarner Riviera

As we’ve mentioned, a number of islands are also located in the Kvarner Riviera region of Croatia. Check out our special sections on KrkLosinjCres and Rab.

Additional info on the Kvarner Riviera

For more info on the whole area, check out the Kvarner County Tourism Office website or