Croatian cuisine

If you’re wondering what delicacies await you on your visit to Croatia, you’ve come to the right place! Here you can read about Croatian cuisine, include what to expect when eating and drinking in Croatia, and some dishes or items that you must look out for and try.

Croatian cuisine

We know that many travellers do also have specific dietary requirements, which are sometimes not that easy to handle when travelling…and unfortunately, Croatia probably won’t prove to be any kind of exception! However, we’ve compiled a page to give you some pointers on how best to deal with any dietary requirements you may have in Croatia, including listing some vegetarian restaurants, and some phrases that you may find useful.

If you’re eagerly anticipating Croatian food – or perhaps craving some Croatian food after your trip – take a look at our selection of Croatian Recipes.

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Croatian Cuisine - Travarica
Travarica – a herbal brandy

Croatian Cuisine – Croatian Restaurants Around the World

Are you lucky enough to live near a Croatian restaurant somewhere in the world…outside of Croatia? Or are you perhaps travelling to one of these places listed below soon? If either is the case, why not sample some Croatian cuisine without being in Croatia! Here’s a brief list:

(Incidentally, this list also shows how Croats have spread themselves around the planet!)

Restoran Dobar Tek
Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Rochelle, New York, USA

Rudar Club
Astoria, New York, USA

Villa Berulia
New York, New York, USA

Rose Mary (Croatian/Italian cuisine)
Chicago, USA

Mercer Island, Washington, USA

Croatia Restaurant
Ontario, Canada

Croatian Corner Inc
Ontario, Canada

Ragusa Republika
Melbourne, Australia

Maestral Seafood Restaurant
Canberra, Australia

Spit Shack
Canberra, Australia

Canberra, Australia

Taste Croatia
Borough Market, London, UK
Market stall selling Croatian specialities – cheeses, prsut and kulen, jams, oils, wine and more; also available to buy online at at Primrose Hill Farmer’s Market on Saturdays

Mystic Borek
London, UK
Not a restaurant (available as delivery/pick-up only) but a great option if you have a hankering for burek and Balkan snacks!

More on Croatian Cuisine

If you’d like further information on Croatian cuisine, Taste of Croatia is an excellent website that provides an amazing amount of information on restaurants in Croatia, Croatian food and wine and more.

The Tastes of Croatian Tradition website showcases some Croatian specialities as well as highlighting restaurants, wineries/distilleries and agricultural producers that offer traditional Croatian food.