What the Others Say About Croatia

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What Other People Say About Croatia

Croatia has so much going for it, and both Split and the island of Hvar are amazing destinations. 
Katie Wood, The Herald, 18th February 2023
The article: A Croatian reminder of why travel is good for the soul

The island of Brac is suggested as an option in Looking for an affordable beach holiday? Head to eastern Europe
Mary Novakovich, The Guardian, 17th February 2023

Anyone can donate a memento from an unsuccessful romance to the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia, no matter how sentimental or quirky.
Alex Marshall, The New York Times, 14th February 2023
The article: When Relationships Fail, This Museum Keeps the Stuff Left Behind

When you think of Croatia, wine might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet beyond the turquoise beaches and historic cities that have made it a go-to summer destination, the Adriatic nation’s agrarian riches include acres of centuries-old vineyards and olive groves covering steep slopes and verdant valleys. 
Julia Eskins, Vogue, 13th February 2023
The article: Move Over, Tuscany: Why Croatia’s Wine Regions Should Be on Your Radar

Gorgeous Šibenik has a history that’s just as rich as Dubrovnik’s, with an old town that is undeniably more tranquil. Nestled in a sea inlet between Zadar and Split, the tiny city certainly shares similarities with Dubrovnik.
Lucie Grace, Lonely Planet, 27th January 2023
The article: Why you should skip Dubrovnik and head to sensational Šibenik instead

Head to Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast to discover some of the country’s most captivating regions. While Dubrovnik and other parts of southern Dalmatia get the lion’s share of attention, the Istrian peninsula and the neighboring islands and coastal ports of the Kvarner Gulf reveal other sides of Croatia’s rich culture and history.
Mary Novakovich, CNN, 23rd January 2023
The article: Croatia’s secret beaches and little Venices (accompanying photo gallery: Croatia’s magical corner of Istria and the Kvarner Gulf)

Dubrovnik is on the list of TripAdvisor’s Most Popular Destinations – Europe for 2023
TripAdvisor, January 2023

Only the very brave – or the very foolish – would dare to come between a Croatian and their coffee. Stroll the streets of the capital Zagreb, and even in the winter months you will find the pavement cafés crowded with cappuccino-quaffing locals. But early in the New Year, some have been finding that their favourite beverage now comes with a bitter aftertaste. Croatia adopted the euro as its currency on 1 January, a decade after it became the European Union’s newest – and still most recent – member.
Guy De Launey, BBC News, 19th January 2023
The article: Croatia, the euro and a coffee controversy – but is it all just froth?

Many travelers visit Dubrovnik, Croatia, because it is a famous filming location for “Game of Thrones,” a television series about nine noble families who fight each other over control of Westeros. Though I do not obsessively watch the HBO series, I had always dreamt of travelling to the “Pearl of the Adriatic” located on the southern coast of Croatia because one of my favorite Filipino teleseryes, “Make It With You,” was filmed there too.
Ron Rocky Coloma, Pacific Daily News, 13th January 2023
The article: Travel Bug: Dubrovnik, Croatia

I was crawling into bed just before 5am when I heard the ship’s engine roar to life. It was the end of yet another wild night out in Croatia — this time partying in Deep Club, a nightspot inside a cave on Cape Osejava in Makarska. I had no idea what to expect when I boarded the Salve Di Mare in Split just six days previously for the “ultimate party cruise experience”.
The Sun, 13th January 2023
The article: I went on a Croatia party cruise with boat DJs and beach clubs – here is what to expect

The Istrian Peninsula, jutting out into the northern Adriatic Sea, offers some of the best of coastal Croatia and nearby Italy, but with fewer crowds. It’s an inviting mix of Roman history, vineyard-draped hill towns, and pastel seaside villages with a whiff of Venetian flair. While the peninsula has its share of tacky and forgettable resort towns, the seafront port of Rovinj — like a little Venice on a hill — is one of my favourite small towns on the Mediterranean.
Rick Steves, Time Colonist, 7th January 2023
The article: Rick Steves: Croatia’s idyllic Istria a paradise on the Mediterranean

With a coastline that meanders along the Adriatic for at least 1,100 miles, plus more than 1,000 islands scattered about the place, you have to wonder why so many people end up congregating in Croatia’s relatively small number of hotspots. The obvious answer is that the honeypots — Dubrovnik, Hvar Town and Rovinj among them — are undeniably and stupendously beautiful. But there’s a lot of beauty to go around, even as Croatia’s popularity soars.
Mary Novakovich, The Times, 3rd January 2023
The article: Secret Croatia: five hidden spots that tourists have yet to discover

Croatia is embarking on a historic year as it joins the border-free Schengen zone and ditches its own currency, the kuna, adopting the euro. The country committed to joining the eurozone when it became the EU’s newest member in 2013. Nationalist parties wanted to keep the kuna, but were overruled by the constitutional court. It is the twenty-seventh country in the Schengen area, which allows 400 million to move freely between countries.
Nathan Williams, BBC News, 2nd January 2023
The article: Croatia begins new euro and Schengen zone era