Croatia in Summer 2021

Visiting Croatia in Summer 2021

There appears to be light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. As well as vaccination programmes taking place at a swift pace in many countries around the world, now that we are approaching spring, countries are also planning for the end of lockdowns and the lifting of restrictions. But the big question on everyone’s lips is – will (foreign) holidays be possible this summer? Certainly after the 12 months plus that everyone’s gone through, a pleasant, relaxing and warm summer holiday would fit the bill for many people. (This is especially true for those that have had a really tough time of it, either with illness or as key workers.) So, is it possible to visit Croatia in summer 2021?

Here, we’ll bring together the latest information – updated regularly – about visiting Croatia in summer 2021, with flight and holiday news, travel and local restrictions (and the lifting of these) and more.

Croatia in summer 2021

Travel Restrictions in Summer 2021

There are two parts to this story – restrictions on foreign travel by your own country, and restrictions in place for Croatia.

For example, as it stands for the UK, holidays abroad will be allowed from 17th May. (See Covid: When can I go on holiday in the UK or travel abroad?, BBC News, 23rd February 2021) But it is unknown at the moment what and if any kind of quarantine will be required when returning to the UK.

For Croatia, it is still too early to know what restrictions will be in place for visitors to the country in the summer. You can re-check what restrictions are in place at the moment on the Ministry of the Interior‘s website. These will likely be reviewed on 28th February. However, we can assume that Croatia will be keen to allow foreign visitors to holiday in the country fairly freely this summer.

Will any kind of ‘vaccination passport’ be in place for Croatia? There has not been any firm confirmation on this either way, but it is thought that Croatia is reluctant to introduce this. (Again, to encourage holidaymakers to visit.)

Local Restrictions in Croatia

At present, there are still quite stringent local restrictions in place in Croatia – see the list on our Coronavirus Situation in Croatia page. These are likely to change on 1st March 2021 when, for example, outdoor terraces of cafes and restaurants can re-open and indoor sports will be allowed.

Flights to Croatia Summer 2021

The vast majority of flights from the UK & Ireland to Croatia that usually operate each year are planned to do so again for summer 2021. The start of the operating timetable for some routes has been pushed back – e.g. instead of flights starting at the end of March/early April, they will do so in May/June. This is to be expected, really, as foreign travel in spring and Easter time – normally a popular time of year to go away – is not yet permitted. (Foreign travel from the UK is expected to be allowed frm 17th May.)

For the full timetable, see our Flights to Croatia from the UK & Ireland page.

There are also plenty of flights operating from elsewhere in Europe to Croatia in summer 2021. See our Getting to Zagreb, Getting to Split, Getting to Dubrovnik, Getting to Istria, Getting to the Kvarner Riviera and Getting to North Dalmatia pages for more details.

For flights from further afield…there’s bad news, unfortunately. Although more and more transcontinental routes direct to Croatia – from the Middle East, Asia and North America – emerged, pre-pandemic, the majority have been cancelled for 2021. We hope to see them resume in future.

Croatia Travel Updates

Here is some information related to travelling to or in Croatia that visitors may find helpful for summer 2021.

Newest update Jadrolinija has announced that passengers can make changes to their tickets on international sailings (Ancona – Zadar, Ancona – Split and Bari – Dubrovnik) for free up to one day before the sailing date. Tickets can be rebooked onto another sailing within the next 12 months.

Newest update Jadrolinija has also announced that those who purchase tickets on certain car ferry lines now WILL have a guaranteed reservation at a particular time – even in summer. (Previously, a ticket did not guarantee a sailing time on the date booked, and travellers still needed to queue up at the port several hours beforehand.) You can see the full list of lines this applies to on Jadrolinija‘s website; in summer, you do still need to be at the port 60 minutes prior to departure.

Booking Holidays to Croatia for Summer 2021

Many tour operators and holiday companies seem to be operating “full steam ahead” when it comes to selling holidays for summer 2021 – for Croatia, and elsewhere! That’s understandable from their perspective, but we would always advise making sure you have comprehensive travel insurance in place should you need to re-arrange or cancel your holiday. (Either due to illness or due to changes in rules on travelling.)

Other Info

If you’re visiting Croatia in summer 2021 from the UK, make sure you check out our advice on Visiting Croatia Post Brexit to see what changes there now are seeing as the UK has left the EU!

Happy travels for 2021, everyone, and do keep safe!