UK travellers to Croatia

Double vaccinated UK travellers to Croatia no longer need a negative test

Good news for all UK travellers to Croatia! As of 1st October 2021 (yesterday), all double vaccinated travellers from the UK no longer need a negative test to enter Croatia – a rule that has been in place since 26th July.

That means that you can now just use your vaccination certificate to enter the country, and you definitely don’t need to also obtain a negative PCR or rapid antigen test.

This comes just in time for the new rules changes for returning to England too – from Monday 4th October, a negative test is also no longer need to return home.

UK Travellers to Croatia no longer require a negative test to enter

UK travellers to Croatia – using a vaccination certificate to enter the country

You can enter Croatia using your vaccination certificate providing 14 days have passed since the second dose of your vaccine, and that second dose has been administered in the previous 365 days. (This number of days has also been changed on 1st October – see below.)

You can obtain a certificate for travel via the NHS Covid Pass website or app. Although you can demonstrate your certificate on your phone, we would always recommend printing it off to be on the safe side.

What if you don’t have a vaccination certificate?

If you aren’t (double) vaccinated, don’t forget that you can still enter Croatia if you have:

  • a previous covid positive test from the past 365 days, with 11 days having passed since the test was undertaken, or a certificate of recovery from covid signed by physican
  • a certificate showing that you have recovered from covid and have received one dose of a vaccine in the eight months since having covid (provided that the vaccine was administered less than 12 months ago)

And if you don’t have any of these then…

  • you do need a negative covid test to enter Croatia – a PCR test taken in the previous 72 hours or a rapid antigen test taken in the previous 48 hours

If you don’t have any of the above, you will need to quarantine on arrival in Croatia until you can obtain a negative test result.

Other requirements for entering Croatia

Don’t forget that UK travellers still need to show proof of paid accommodation to enter Croatia. However, you don’t need this for the entire duration of your stay – you can show proof of paid accommodation just for the first couple of days.

It is also recommended that you fill out the Enter Croatia form before travel to help speed up your entry into the country.

The UK Foreign Office advice on Croatia also provides information for UK travellers to Croatia.

Other entry changes

As well as UK travellers to Croatia, travellers from Russia and Cyprus also no longer need a negative test to enter the country – they can also use a vaccination certificate.

Additionally, vaccination certificates (for all travellers, regardless of nationality) are now valid for 365 days since the second dose having been administered (or a single dose in the case of single-dose vaccines). This has been upped from 270 days.

Likewise, you can use a positive test result from the previous 365 days (previously also 270 days) to enter Croatia.

Travellers from Brazil no longer need to quarantine for 14 days on arrival to Croatia but do need to show a negative PCR (taken in the previous 72 hours) or a negative rapid antigen test (in the previous 48 hours).

All of these rules can be seen on the Croatian Ministry of the Interior website.

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