Getting to Zagreb

Here are options for getting to Zagreb by air from the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world, as well as by bus or train from Europe and other parts of Croatia.

Getting to Zagreb

Flights from the UK & Ireland

  • Croatia Airlines have flights from London Heathrow to Zagreb year-round
  • British Airways have flights from London Heathrow that also operate year-round
  • Ryanair have daily flights from London Stansted new for 2021! that start from 1st September 2021

Flights from Europe

Listed below are a number of direct flights from various European cities to Zagreb. Some routes only operate during summer – please check airlines’ websites for full details.

Flights from Albania to Zagreb:

Flights from Austria to Zagreb:

Flights from Belgium to Zagreb:

Flights from Bosnia and Hercegovina to Zagreb:

Flights from Bulgaria to Zagreb:

Flights from the Czech Republic to Zagreb:

Flights from Denmark to Zagreb:

Flights from France to Zagreb:

Fights from Germany to Zagreb:

  • Croatia Airlines from Frankfurt year-round and Munich year-round
  • Eurowings from Berlin, Cologne/Bonn year-round, Dusseldorf and Stuttgart year-round (the airline can also be used to reach a number of other European cities by transferring at one of these German airports)
  • Lufthansa from Frankfurt year-round and Munich year-round
  • Ryanair from Dortmund new for 2021!, Dusseldorf Weeze new for 2021!, Frankfurt Hahn new for 2021!, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden new for 2021!, and Memmingen new for 2021!

Flights from Israel to Zagreb:

Flights from Italy to Zagreb:

  • Croatia Airlines from Bologna, Rome (via Split) year-round and Milan
  • Ryanair from Milan Bergamo new for 2021! and Rome Ciampino new for 2021!

Flights from Kosovo to Zagreb:

Flights from Macedonia to Zagreb:

Flights from Montenegro to Zagreb:

Flights from the Netherlands to Zagreb:

Flights from Norway to Zagreb:

Flights from Poland to Zagreb:

  • LOT from Warsaw year-round

Flights from Portugal to Zagreb:

Flights from Russia to Zagreb:

Flights from Serbia to Zagreb:

Flights from Spain to Zagreb:

Flights from Sweden to Zagreb:

  • Ryanair from Gothenburg new for 2021! and Malmo new for 2021!

Flights from Switzerland to Zagreb:

Flights from Turkey to Zagreb:

Flights from outside Europe

Flights from Canada to Zagreb:

Flights from Qatar to Zagreb:

Flights from South Korea to Zagreb:

Flights from the UAE to Zagreb:

Getting to Zagreb By Bus and Train from Europe

There are international bus services from – amongst other places – Austria (Graz & Wien), Czech Republic (Brno & Prague), Italy (Trieste), Germany (various including Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart), and Switzerland (Lucerne & Zurich). Routes are operated by Croatia Bus, and you can also look up schedules on the Zagreb Bus Terminal website.

There are train services from many European cities; you can look up timetables on the excellent Die Bahn website.

Getting to Zagreb from elsewhere in Croatia


As Croatia’s capital, Zagreb is obviously very well connected to the rest of the country. By far the quickest way of getting to Zagreb from other parts of the country is by air – Croatia Airlines have daily flights from Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, all of which operate year-round, as well as summer flights to Bol (Brac).

Trade Air also operate year-round flights from Osijek in eastern Croatia, and summer only flights from Rijeka – these flights can also be booked on the Croatia Airlines website.

Silver Air Travels offer flights from Mali Losinj to Zagreb.

See our Flights in Croatia page for more details of all the above flight options.


If you’re getting to Zagreb by bus, check the Zagreb Bus Terminal website for timetable details of the many routes to and from the city.


Train routes in Croatia aren’t as extensive as bus routes, but Zagreb is the most connected city of all. (Think of the city as the main train hub in the country with routes branching out from it.) The most popular train route is to or from Split; you can also reach Zagreb from Rijeka by train (although bus is quicker!) or travel from northeastern Croatia and/or the direction of Hungary. See the Croatia Railways site or the Die Bahn website for timetable details.