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Hvar Croatia

Tourism stats for Croatia so far this year

A recent report in Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji unveiled some interesting statistics about the tourist season so far in Croatia. As often mentioned in the press, Croatia has had a successful July and August, with tourist growth in some regions in the double digits. Dalmatia and its towns and cities – such as Zadar, Split […]


The best cities and attractions in North Croatia

As part of a series of guides to different areas, attractions and activities in Croatia, last week Croatian newspaper Jutarnji focused on the area of north Croatia. An area mostly overlooked by visitors and travellers to the country, this lovely part of Croatia still has a number of interesting places to visit. If you’re looking […]


Zagreb becoming more popular

Croatian TV reported a few days that Zagreb has been achieving a healthy increase in visitor numbers for this year. This July, there were 17% more tourists and a 29% increase in the number of nights stayed, compared to the same month in 2009. (Does this much larger number for the increase in overnight stays […]

Plitvice Lakes

Croatia’s National Parks bring in the visitors in 2010

Croatian daily newspaper Vjesnik last week reported that some of Croatia’s National Parks are attracting healthy visitor numbers this year. The two main Parks attracting the most visitors are Krka and, unsurprisingly, the amazing Plitvice Lakes, which together account for 1.4 million of the 1.7 million total number of visitors to all of the eight […]

Welcome to the Visit Croatia blog!

Yes, we’ve finally succumbed…and gotten around to adding a blog to the Visit Croatia website! Although we’ve been pretty active on Twitter (see Visit Croatia Twitter), the 140-character limit has often felt somewhat constricting…and so here we are with a Visit Croatia blog, where we can witter away to our heart’s content. We hope to […]