Croatian For Travellers

Here’s a selection of the most common Croatian greetings, and some other essential basic phrases that you may use when meeting someone. Give these words a go for when you’re out and about in Croatia!

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Croatian greetings and the basics

GoodbyeDo viđenja
Good morningDobro jutro
Good dayDobar dan
Good eveningDobra večer
Good nightLaku noć
Thank youHvala
You’re welcomeNema na čemu
Excuse me/Sorry (informal)Oprosti
Excuse me/Sorry (formal)Oprostite
My name is…Zovem se…
What is your name?Vaše ime?
Pleased to meet you.Drago mi je.
Do you speak English?Govorite li engleski?
I do not speak Croatian.Ne govorim hrvatski.
I understand./I do not understand.Razumijem./Ne razumijem.
Where is the…?Gdje je…?

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Croatian greetings

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