What the Others Say About Croatia

A selection of the best travel articles on Croatia from 2010.

A Mali Losinj restaurant was named as the “Best Outdoor Dining Experience” in Henderson: 2010’s best, and worst, meals in the world
John Henderson, The Denver Post, 29th December 2010

The Telegraph suggests the Night of the Full Moon in Zadar as a gap year alternative to full moon parties in Thailand (not really quite the same, though the former is a wonderful event!) in its guide – Gap years: What not to do on your year out
Guy Stagg, The Daily Telegraph, 15th December 2010

If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you must go see Dubrovnik. If you have never experienced a moment that would shine perpetually in your memory, the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ will definitely provide you one. Actually, Dubrovnik is pretty small – if you could resist the temptation to drop by at some of those many little shops lining the main street, you can stroll across the walled ancient town in less than 15 minutes. But this one little place is indeed Croatia’s biggest attraction for international visitors.
Pongpet Mekloy, Bangkok Post, 16th December 2010
The article: Gem of a City (link no longer works)

10 Things to Know About Romantic Getaways in Croatia
Samantha Daniels, Huffington Post, 14th December 2010

Inconspicuously nestled at the lower tip of Croatia’s inverted Adriatic stretch, Dubrovnik mixes Unesco heritage with idyllic hideaways, a busy calender of culture events and excellent local cuisine. Whether you are looking for an active culture-filled venture around the city and nearby coast or a complete luxury disconnection from the daily office slog, this Dalmatian treasure has it all, especially for foodies.
Alexander Horne, Scotland on Sunday, 14th December 2010
The article: City guide: Dubrovnik, Croatia

A lovely video report from the BBC News website on this unusual Zagreb museum: Sad stories from the Museum of Broken Relationships
BBC News, 13th December 2010

Advice on Dubrovnik from a Telegraph reader in Europe: readers’ tips, recommendations and travel advice
The Daily Telegraph, 13th December 2010

Look up to see a mighty 82-foot tall wizard, hand held aloft as if casting a spell. Stoop to rub the big toe of the statue called Gregorius of Nin and legend says you’ll return to Split. It’s actually a towering 10th century bishop known as Grgur Ninski who stands at the Golden Gate entrance to Diocletian’s Palace, 1,700-year-old city center for the Croatian port city. I helped to polish his toe at the conclusion of my enchanting 10-day September voyage among the Adriatic islands off Croatia. Next year’s voyages aboard the Romanca depart from here.
Janet Podolak, The News-Herald, 11th December 2010
The article: Epicenter of enchanted Split within the walls of Roman emperor’s Third Century palace

AOL Travel provides some tips (from an American perspective) on how to We’re here to attend a tasting at the winery Ilocki Podrumi, a hallowed place with cellars dating back to the 15th century, and 326 hectares of private vineyards. At between 150 and 210 metres altitude,  on the west-facing slopes of Fruska Gora, i t has proved a perfect location for the cultivation of the grape varieties Traminer and Grasevina, as well as, on a much smaller scale, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Frankovka (also known as Blaufrankisch). In 1953, Ilocki Podrumi supplied 11,000 bottles of Traminer for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. In 2009, it won a gold medal at the Decanter Wine Awards.
Dave Waddell, The Spectator, November 2010
The article: Make Wine Not War (link no longer works)

A Mirror writer recounts his experience of a Mediterranean cruise, including a stop in Dubrovnik on day 2: Diary of a cruise virgin
Nigel Thompson, The Daily Mirror, 27th November 2010

The Telegraph recommends Zagreb’s FIS World Cup [skiing] event, the Snow Queen Trophy, as a place to “mix a party atmosphere with slalom”: The best places to watch the world’s best skiers in action
Rod Gilmour, The Daily Telegraph, 24th November 2010

It’s a warm afternoon in the hills of Istria. I’m munching on a sweet tartufone – a potato dumpling filled with chocolate, covered with a bechamel-chocolate sauce and topped with shavings of fresh white truffle – and wondering: Am I starting to feel a little frisky (you know what they say about truffles), or is it just the high Fahrenheit factor at work?
Anja Mutic, The Washington Post, 19th November 2010
The article: Falling in love with truffles on Croatia’s Istrian peninsula

Touted as the ‘new this’ and the ‘new that’ for years since its reemergence on the world tourism scene, it is now clear that Croatia is a unique destination that can hold its own and then some: this is a country with a glorious 1778km-long coast and a staggering 1185 islands.
Lonely Planet, 17th November 2010
The article: Top 10 Croatian highlights

The Telegraph explains two of Croatia’s entries on UNESCO’s world heritage list: The weirdest of the weird from the new list
Nick Squires, The Daily Telegraph, 16th November 2010

The Telegraph picks Zadar as one of the New holiday destinations for 2011 with WTM [World Travel Market]
Annabelle Thorpe, The Daily Telegraph, 15th November 2010

The perfect moment doesn’t come by that often, I thought as I watched a flotilla of yachts change course to allow me to continue my 3km swim between two Croatian islands in the Adriatic. The sun was shining, the landscape was charming, the water was calm and the safety boat was in range.
Shelley Seid, The [South African] Times, 15th November 2010
The article: Tickled Pink (link no longer works)

“One of the prince’s friends – a big, fat man – bet the prince and princess that he could squeeze through the toilet window – the little one, there, that looks out into the courtyard. “Well, you can see, it’s a small window and he really was a big man. But he tried and he made it in the end. I can’t remember what the bet was – I think it was just for sport. That was a fun night.” Tatiana is talking ten to the dozen, even as she whirls around the kitchen of her 300-year-old home in the heart of Trogir’s historic city center, orchestrating an incredible four-course gourmet feast.
Will Carless, The Christian Science Monitor, 9th November 2010
The article: Dinner fit for a prince

Famous DJ Rob da Bank travelled to Croatia this summer to experience the nightlife there – as well as visiting the Garden Festival – as part of a BBC’s Radio 1 Stories series. Unfortunately, you can no longer listen to his episode online, but you can see photos from his trip: Rob da Bank in Croatia
BBC Radio 1, November 2010

The Telegraph’s piece Honeymoons: where to go when picks Croatia as an “alternative” destination for an August honeymoon
Amanda Statham, The Daily Telegraph, 8th November 2010

Driving through the Ucka tunnel – over 5km long, and bored through the mountains above the sunny eastern coast of Croatia’s Istrian peninsula – you emerge quite suddenly into an entirely different landscape, more fertile than the coast, and dotted with medieval hill towns. Istria attracts a huge number of visitors each year, yet the vast majority of its tourism remains concentrated along the coast, with only a comparatively small percentage of these visitors venturing into the Istrian interior.
Rudolf Abraham, CNN Traveller, November 2010
The article: Croatia: A Taste of Istria (link no longer works)

Dusk over the Dalmatian archipelago. I’m sitting on the terrace of my guesthouse under a canopy of vines, the soft bells of St John’s chapel calling in the fishing boats. My hosts, Lidia and Josko Ivanovic, have opened the travarica, a herb-infused liquor, and I’m grazing on dried figs and nuts as we chat about Croatia’s changing fortunes since they first opened their rustic, family-run guesthouse in 1967.
David Atkinson, Daily Telegraph, 1st November 2010
The article: Brac: Walking in the rural heart of Croatia

In Loyd Grossman’s Holiday Heaven & Hell, the TV presenter says the country he’d most like to go to on holiday to next is Croatia, as he “had a fabulous holiday there in August and I thought the islands on the Dalmatian coast were so beautiful. I was expecting it to be more Slavic than Mediterranean, but the architecture was just wonderful, the scenery was beautiful, the sea was wonderfully clear, and there was great sea food, interesting wine and lots of wonderful buildings to look at. It’s a thrilling place. “
Nick McGrath, Daily Telegraph, 28th October 2010

Truffles in Croatia: the gourmet’s golden egg
Lonely Planet, 27th October 2010

Lopud is a tiny island off the coast of Croatia; a cheerful, 50-minute chug on a rustic ferry from the mediaeval, walled splendour of Dubrovnik. Clustered around a crescent-shaped bay, punctuated by a church and steeple at the tip, it is the quintessential fishing village: crumbling stone houses, wild bougainvillea and a labyrinth of lanes stretching back into clementine groves and pine forests, alive with cicadas in the heat of a European summer.
Paola Tortaro, Sydney Morning Herald, 23rd October 2010
The article: Vlasta’s ark: an island refuge

Day five and we headed for Croatia to visit three coastal towns on the Istrian peninsula, Rovinj, Porec and Pula. The landscape and climate on the peninsula is Mediterranean with rich red soil and olive groves. In the searing September heat in Pula, the largest city in the Istrian peninsula, we plodded around some of the many surviving ancient Roman buildings, including an amphitheatre built in the first century AD, one of the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world.
Edel Morgan, The Irish Times, 23rd October 2010
The article: Coached from Venice to Croatia

Croatia came in an incredible 4th place – beating countries such as Italy, France and Spain – in the “Favourite European Country” category of the Guardian Readers’ Travel Awards 2010
The Guardian, 16th October 2010

Is this really the way the Mediterranean used to be? If this was the way the Mediterranean used to be as the TV advertisements say, I had the Mediterranean all wrong. Croatia offers an abundance of culture, outdoor and subterranean adventures to satisfy any adventure travel cravings.
Ron Bedard, The Vancouver Sun, 9th October 2010
The article: Croatia opens its doors to the world (link no longer works)

Places like Croatia are just not on the radar of the average person looking for a holiday.  But they should be.  You just have to step outside the comfort zone.  Croatia is a stunning vision of mountains, trees and sea that are hard to capture in photo.  You see it, attempt to grab a photo of it, check it, and it just does not light up like it does for the human eye. But light up it does.  It has far exceeded my expectations thus far and I recommend it to everyone as a place to consider for some time well spent.
Dale Strawford, Leader-Post, 9th October 2010
The article: You Say Croatia, I Say Republika Hrvatska (link no longer works)

The guide book calls Pula’s sites quickly exhausted, and recommends spending just a couple of hours in this town on Croatia’s Istria Peninsula. Good thing we didn’t listen to the guide book. We were visiting friends in Pula for 11 days and saw a beautiful, small, historic city and an area brimming with amazing sites. It was like visiting Italy without the crowds or the cost.
Andrea Stetson, News-press.com, 26th September 2010
The article: Croatian coast full of history (link no longer works)

Hotel Bastion, Zadar, Croatia: hotel review
Natalie Paris, The Telegraph, 25th September 2010

Travel advice: Exploring Croatia’s islands
Carol Pucci, Seattle Times, 25th September 2010

What we really wanted to do was party. The Croatian capital was only a five-hour train ride from where I was in Austria, and Aaron could fly directly from the States. We Googled “Zagreb,” which quickly connected us with “Zagreb discotheques,” which led us to dreams of Europop, bad dancing and late-night fun. Perfect.
Emily Nipps, St Petersburg Times, 19th September 2010
The article: Croatia surprises as a vacation destination

Island hopping off Croatia’s Dalmatian coast
George Webster, CNN, 16th September 2010

Croatia is a gem of a tourist destination, especially for travellers inspired by old colonial cities, majestic historical buildings and quaint cobblestone walkways. Stretching along the coast of South-eastern Europe, it whisks you right out of the modern world and into a quaint picture book where medieval history plays out all around.
Wu Shangyuan, Today, 16th September 2010
The article: Magic and splendour (link no longer works)

The Marunada Festival in Lovran gets an entry in The Guardian’s Pick of the autumn’s food festivals
Nicola Iseard, The Guardian, 12th September 2010

On our first evening, when the day trippers had left for their hotels outside the walls, I walked the few minutes through winding alleys to the Church of St Ignatius of Loyola. A choir was practising Latin chants. The courtyard outside was the preserve of cats – as was the nearest section of the city wall.
Alec Russell, Financial Times, 11th September 2010
The article: The undiminished beauty of Dubrovnik

Croatia’s staggering coastline now has a series of jewel-like hotels that provide style and good value in equal measure. With the clear waters of the Adriatic and Mediterranean style food, it’s a lovely late-summer getaway.
Daily Mirror, 5th September 2010
The article: Wish you were.. HERE? Bargain Croatia

Actor Jean Reno mentions visiting Croatia as his “best holiday” in Jean Reno’s holiday heaven and hell
Daily Telegraph, 2nd September 2010

Set on a pear-shaped peninsula, Rovinj rises up like a tiny piece of Italy, crowded with Venetian-style houses with terracotta tile roofs, topped by the vast white Baroque church whose bell tower dominates the skyline.
Jo Fernandez, The Evening Standard, 25th August 2010
The article: Adriatic Abundance in Rovinj, Croatia

Halfway between Zadar and Split is Primosten, a pretty town famous for its vineyards and, randomly, an annual donkey race. After wandering around the medieval walled town, we sat down at a beachside restaurant called Marina for a lunch of lobster, which was hauled alive and kicking from a huge cage dangled in the sea before being freshly cooked.
Anne Kapranos, Scotland on Sunday, 24th August 2010
The article: Croatia – the Dalmatian Coast and Garden Festival

Dubrovnik is number 4 on the list of The Guardian’s Top 10 autumn sunshine holidays
Nicola Iseard, The Guardian, 17th August 2010

Dubrovnik in Croatia is dubbed the ‘jewel of the Adriatic’ for its old town (or Stari Grad) set within city walls, which was built from the 13th century onwards. A Unesco World Heritage listed site, it is made up of cobblestone streets, forts and museums. Despite being bombed heavily by Yugoslav forces in 1991, the city has been well preserved and is Croatia’s prime tourist destination.
TNT Magazine, 16th August 2010
The article: Discovering Croatia
MSN India, 13th August 2010

“Croatia – more popular than ever” says the Lonely Planet in its article Travel trends: what’s hot right now (apart from summer)? (link no longer works)
Tom Hall, Lonely Planet, 13th August 2010

La Villa on the island of Lopud (near Dubrovnik) is included in The Guardian’s 20 best short-haul hotels
Nicola Iseard, The Guardian, 8th August 2010

The lure of sun combined with reasonable prices, culture in the form of Roman remains, the chance to enjoy a Mediterranean diet and crystal clear seas has proved irresistible to people looking to get away this summer. And for Irish sunseekers, it offers reliable weather for the same price (or less) than the price of a trip to Spain and, like Spain, Croatia is only a couple of hours away.
Nick Bradshaw, Joe.ie, 7th August 2010
The article: Croatia: the big European destination this summer

Here you can wander quiet streets of marble, sprawl undisturbed on pine-scented beaches and sail to remote islands, deserted except for tiny konobas – restaurants catering mostly to fishermen. Not only is there a dramatic coastline but northern Dalmatia also has a broad hinterland. Three national parks are crammed between the crystal-clear coast and the dusky Velebit mountains, offering hiking, swimming and rock-climbing.
Natalie Paris, The Telegraph, 4th August 2010
The article: Zadar, Croatia: The perfect break

After entering Croatia, the Sava winds its way round the southern edge of Zagreb, separating the main city from the new suburb of Novi Grad where the massive residential tower blocks built during the socialist era of Yugoslavia have been joined, this year, by the Museum of Contemporary Art, the largest cultural institution in Croatia.
Mick Webb, The Independent, 31st July 2010
The article: Super Sava: Find beauty, wildlife and history on the shores of this mighty river

Before I left for Croatia, I had never heard of Plitvice Lakes. Having returned from the country – best known to Indians as the home of tennis player Goran Ivanisevic – if I am asked for the one must-visit destination in Croatia, I’d have no hesitation at all in plumping for Plitvice Lakes.
Asha Rai, The Times of India, 31st July 2010
The article: Plitvice Lakes in Croatia: Walking on water

Actress Gabourey Sidibe – star of Precious – recounts her holiday in Croatia on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (video) (link no longer works)
30th July 2010

Lord Byron described Dubrovnik as “the Pearl of the Adriatic” while George Bernard Shaw called it “Paradise on Earth”. With such lavish praise heaped on the place, visitors could be forgiven for fearing it might fall short of expectations. Happily, even at first glace, it soon becomes apparent that with its towering stone walls, marble streets and beautiful baroque buildings, Dubrovnik is a city that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but steeped in a rich and fascinating history.
Aasma Day, Lancashire Evening Post, 24th July 2010
The article: Travel – Croatia

Porat is a west-facing sandy beach that is a hidden gem. It is overlooked by day trippers, the Blue Grotto brigade, who explore the world-renowned caves and then depart the island. Sheltered by scrub from strong winds it also boasts a small beach bar and a fish restaurant where you can enjoy food and the local Plavac wine.
Deirdre McQuillan, Irish Times, 24th July 2010
The article: Seven of the best beaches in world

Once upon a time, I was awarded a sports degree. But that was more than 20 years ago, in my previous life, BC (Before Children). Today, as a 43-year-old mother of two, I have let keeping fit slip down my list of priorities…but then I was offered the chance of a week’s cycling trip in Croatia. Staying on a boat, island-hopping along the Dalmatian coast…I could manage that. But then I saw the itinerary: we would be biking up to 60km a day for seven days.
Kate Edgley, The Guardian, 24th July 2010
The article: Blazing saddles: Croatia on two wheels

The Elafiti islands are popular with Dubrovnik’s elite but development remains low-key. Famed for its sandy beaches – a rarity in Croatia – tiny Lopud has just one settlement and is car-free.
Henry Shukman, The Financial Times, 17th July 2010
The article: A walker’s dream (Lopud is featured under the “More crowd-free island hideaways” heading)

But Dubrovnik – known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” – is indisputably lovely and still drawing Irish visitors. It’s hard to believe now that less than 20 years ago this medieval walled port city, on the island-strewn Dalmatian Riviera, was under siege and bombardment. Happily, the bitter war which resulted from the break-up of Yugoslavia is a fading memory and Dubrovnik has been meticulously restored.
Michael Parson, The Irish Times, 17th July 2010
The article: 101 reasons to visit Dalmatia

Solta is overlooked, in two senses. Other islands strung along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast seize more attention from visitors keen on the multiple pleasures of sun and sea, sophistication and simplicity that this archipelago delivers: Hvar, Brac and Korcula are far better known. And in the other meaning, anyone fortunate enough to be idling along the Riva in Split can look over to Solta.
Simon Calder, The Independent, 3rd July 2010
The article: Slavic secret: Solta is steeped in history and rich in beauty

Nature’s Viagra is the ultimate temptation if you’re heading to Dubrovnik. The area is famous for the aphrodisiac powers of its fresh oysters and they are one of the most popular dishes on the menu of many of the restaurants. If you head to nearby Mali Ston you can even enjoy them straight from the water at the Vila Koruna.
Marion McMullen, Coventry Telegraph, 30th June 2010
The article: As we gear up for the mothership of UK festivals Glastonbury next week, across Europe in sunny Croatia, organisers and music fans alike are doing the same thing. The country might have been in the midst of a war just 15 years ago, but has fast become a popular and vibrant destination for European festival-goers.
Georgie Rogers, BBC 6 Music, 18th June 2010
The article: Croatia leads a summer of Eastern European events (link no longer works)

Q&A: An August Honeymoon in Croatia
Rusha Haljuci, The New York Times, 15th June 2010

The Times had a piece on the 20 best seaside villas in Europe with a Croatia picked for a Roman Villa (no. 4) and a solar powered villa (no. 18).
The Times, 12th June 2010

The 16th-century chapel of Our Lady of Tarca stands on the jagged rocky shore of the scarcely inhabited island of Kornat, 18 nautical miles off Croatia’s north Dalmatian coast. Yet, despite its remoteness, most sailors in the desolately beautiful Kornati archipelago make a point of visiting at the start of the season. Signing the book by the door, and genuflecting before the altar and the ancient wooden statue of St Anthony, is held to protect the visitor from storms and other dangers.
Claire Wrathall, Financial Times, 12th June 2010
The article: The deserted bays of Kornati islands

The hot 100 best hotels in Europe from the Sunday Times featured Croatia (hotels in Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik) at numbers 88-91
The Sunday Times, 23rd May 2010

We pulled into the village of Sipanska Luka. Restaurant More is the white canopy behind Geraldine in our photo. Sitting outside in the sun the owner, Baldo Svijtkovic, served focaccia and bread with pumpkin seeds, both warm from the oven. Best I’ve ever tasted. Then a very light cheese with garlic. Great olive oil.
Michael Winner, The Sunday Times, 23rd May 2010
The article: Winner’s Dinners: A hissy fit followed by an island of tranquillity

48 Hours In: Zagreb
Chris Ledbetter, The Independent, 22nd May 2010

When you plan to visit Croatia, the following regions are worth travelling. You can start your tour by visiting Zagreb, the capital city of the Mediterranean country. One day is enough to look around the truly central European cultural center. This reporter who crisscrossed 1,500 kilometer of the country by a car in April, believes that Dubrovnik, the southern tip of the country, is another must-see.The Plitvice Lakes, which are about 90 minutes from the capital city, are another amazing sight Croatia has to offer.
Korea Times, 20th May 2010
The article: Croatia: Harmony of Europe and the Mediterranean

The Telegraph had a guide to the best beaches in:
Cape Kamenjak
Lone Bay, Rovinj
Medveja Beach, Lovran
Kraljicina Plaza, Nin
Proidz, Vela Luka
Sunj, Lopud
The Telegraph, 11th May 2010

Bargain of the Week: Croatia
The Independent, 8th May 2010

The tourist board tagline is “The Mediterranean as it used to be” and, for once, the ad people have got it spot on. Made up of almost 1,200 islands, only 67 of which are inhabited, and for the most part, blissfully unspoilt, it’s easy to imagine that you’re in a world far away from hectic modern life.
Nicki Bayley, Daily Mirror, 8th May 2010
The article: Dalmatia is spot-on

Trogir, on the Croatian coast, is a town with many faces. In the summer, it’s a popular – and picturesque – holiday resort. In the winter, more of a windswept architectural museum, with the obligatory late-night burger kiosks set among some striking medieval and Venetian-style buildings. Which is why, in December 2009, three hotels suddenly experienced a licence-fee-funded winter season, with 40 cast and crew from Doctor Who descending to put Trogir on-screen.
Neil Midgley, The Telegraph, 5th May 2010
The article: Why Doctor Who is vamping it up in Croatia (link no longer works)

A great thing about Croatia is the people. They’re immensely pleasant, smiling, willing. The fact that the coffee was cold every morning, the croissants and breads inferior, the jams horrendous, is kind of incidental.
The Sunday Times, 2nd May 2010
The article:
Sail Croatia, Cycle the islands and Rafting the Dinaric Alps

And soul-inspiring architecture it is, too. Surrounded on three of its five sides by the glassy waters of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a jigsaw of piazzas, palaces, cafes, monasteries, fountains and dinky southern Italian baroque shops.
Johnny Morris, The Telegraph, 9th March 2010
The article: Dubrovnik: Cities to put spring in your step

Sipan is the largest of the three inhabited Elafiti Islands and the only one to allow cars. But you still feel way off the tourist track as you walk around the island’s picturesque little villages or take a bike ride through the rugged countryside.
Karen Rockett, Daily Mirror, 7th March 2010
The article: Croatia offers something really special

In Rab town I found myself down a dark alley with a witch in shackles, a boil-faced leper and a hooded executioner. Unusual drinking buddies, but this was not a usual Saturday night. While many of Croatia’s visitors spend glorious summers sailing along the coast, I didn’t have the means to charter a yacht. Instead, my companion and I opted to take a hire car on some distinctly unglamorous ferries and explore the north-west.
Natalie Paris, The Telegraph, 3rd March 2010
The article: Croatia: Summer festival-hopping

The Dalmatian Coast is tourist friendly  –  and for good reason. The Makarska riviera, a 35-mile stretch along the Adriatic sea, is overshadowed by the hulking Biokovo Mountain.
Paul Oswell, Daily Mail, 23rd February 2010
The article: Secret Europe

It was the perfect way to cool off at the end of a day that had seen us explore Croatia’s second city of Split, with its well-preserved Greek and Roman ruins, before boarding the 120 foot MV Emanuel for a two-hour voyage to the south of the island, the biggest in central Dalmatia and third largest in the whole Adriatic.
Liverpool Echo, 23rd February 2010
The article: It’s not every day you see a nun hitch-hiking. But as we drive round a bend on a mountain road in Croatia there she is, thumb raised, expression hopeful. We stop, of course. And she gathers up her habit, clambers on board… and puts us to shame. We’re on our way back from a trip to the Biokovo Mountains near the resort of Makarska, and the air is full of the smell of juniper and pine and the Adriatic Sea is sparkling far below.
Sue Jolly, Daily Mirror, 7th February 2010
The article:
Treasure in the Adriatic

This is cruising for people who don’t do cruising. Rather than a large, anonymous hotel on sea and formal dining, the Croatian equivalent of a Turkish gulet has a changeable diary, informal atmosphere and there’s no need to pack socks or long trousers let alone a dinner jacket.
Mark Solomons, The Times, 3rd February 2010
The article: Cruising Croatia with the kids

Indeed, the Esplanade was purposely built in 1925 for the well-heeled clients of the Orient Express and was sited, sensibly enough, close to the railway station, in what was then a field or esplanade. The Orient Express hasn’t stopped in Zagreb since 1939 but the hotel, now called the Regent Esplanade Zagreb, is still an art deco triumph.
Nicola Walker, Traveller.com.au, 31st January 2010
The article: On the edge of elegance

Dubrovnik was selected as a city break for one of the 20 perfect getaways for Valentine’s Day by The Guardian
24th January 2010

Cavtat, near Dubrovnik, recommended as a holiday for small families in the Daily Mirror’s “Our pick of the best holidays for single parents & children
17th January 2010

Bonj ‘Les Bains’ beach on Hvar named as one of The Sunday Times’ hottest European beaches for 2010
17th January 2010

Istria is picked by Mark Smith (founder of Seat61.com) as part of “The Travel Gurus’ Guide to 2010
The Guardian, 3rd January 2010

My husband, daughter and I were setting out to explore the interior of Vis, a 35-square-mile island off the Croatian coast. At the end of our journey lay the fishing village of Jujeca, all 10 dwellings of it. For at least 450 years, this tiny enclave has been home to my family, the Zitkos.
Wynne Crombie, Dallas Morning News, 3rd January 2010
The article: Serenity reigns on the island of Vis, Croatia (link no longer works)