Articles on Croatia 2020

A selection of articles on Croatia from 1998 – way back when!

Croatia is a fabulously beautiful country and almost empty, and if you don’t get back pretty soon the Germans and Italians will beat you to it!
Cath Urquarth, Travel Editor, The Times, September 5th 1998
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The truth is better than the magazine articles. Zagreb is a little bit, and often the best bit, of everything. It looks like Prague or Vienna, it keeps Mediterranean hours, it is still as quirky as Reykjavik and it drinks like Dublin. Zagreb is certainly having a great time.
Daily Telegraph, Travel Section, August 29th 1998
The article: Croatia: Facelift for a grand old lady [Link no longer works, unfortunately!]

Facts about Croatia:
The War Is Over:
Although the Serbs lobbed 2,000 shells into Dubrovnik, “the jewel of the Adriatic”, in 1991, and the conflict in the former Yugoslavia remains a trifle messy, most of Croatia’s coastline has never witnessed any fighting. War ace Martin Bell MP says
the country is now “copper-bottom, cast-iron, rock-solid safe”.

The People Are Great:
Croats are noted for their incredibly tall sportsmen, like Goran Ivanisevic, and incredibly beautiful Miss Universe finalists.

The Culture Is Impressive:
Dubrovnik is a world heritage site, filled with fountains and cathedrals. Split contains Diocletian’s Palace, a 3rd century
Roman ruin that’s part of the fabric of the city, and there are countless walled towns and villages, with narrow street and terracotta-tiled roofs.

But What About The Beaches?:
Croatia is Europe’s best-kept holiday secret. The Adriatic coast and islands are lined with amazing beaches, like the Golden Cape,
and authentic restaurants aplenty (great for shellfish). But travel writers are starting to rave, so go now before it’s wrecked.
The Mail on Sunday, 28th June 1998