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Once the summer crowds have ­dispersed, time slows down and life becomes more easygoing – people stop to chat and sit for hours over morning coffee. As Croatian winter sets in, there are some glorious days of blue sky and sunshine, interspersed with gusty winds and dramatic cloud formations when the Adriatic becomes wild and grey and only the most hardened fishermen brave the sea. 
Jane Foster, Daily Telegraph, 25th December 2022
The article: Croatia’s best-kept secret? It’s just as good in winter

So much beauty. That was my first thought after pulling into the sun-soaked harbour on the Croatian island of Hvar, where the sky and sea seemed to be duking it out for the prettiest shade of blue. My second thought: so many tourists. Lots of them arrived here just like me, on a cruise ship plying the waters of the Adriatic, ping-ponging between storybook settings on the Dalmatian Coast. But unlike most cruisers, I would spend much of my time on terra firma sightseeing from the saddle of a bicycle, pedalling along quiet roads flanking olive groves, vineyards and ancient stone walls.
Lori Rackl, Toronto Star, 23rd December 2022
The article: Two vacations rolled into one? Yes please. On a cruise, I discovered the best way to bike Croatia is by boat

Forget the milk and cookies. Croatia’s far-flung island, Vis, sets fire to a ship for the jolly saint of sailors.
Rebecca Toy, Fodor’s Travel, 23rd December 2022
The article: This Croatian Island Burns Boats for Santa

Zlatko Dalic knew that something had to change. Dalic, the coach of Croatia, was just not sure, at that precise moment, exactly what it was. Brazil was starting to ratchet up the pressure, its bright yellow jerseys pouring forward in waves. His Croatia team was scrabbling to repel the attacks. His players, he could see, were barely hanging on.
Rory Smith, The New York Times, 12th December 2022
The article: The Team That Refuses to Lose

Lusting after a weekend getaway to chase away the winter blues? Head to Dubrovnik, famously eulogised by Lord Byron as “the pearl of the Adriatic”, with good reason. The Unesco-protected Croatian hot-spot is one of the most magnificent walled cities in the world. With a rich history, stunning Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture at every turn, outstanding food, and crystalline blue waters, Dalmatia’s jewel won’t disappoint.
Meg Roberts, The Week, 8th December 2022
The article: A weekend in Dubrovnik: take it easy on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

When we think of Croatia, angular concrete is not the first thing that springs to mind. Instead it’s images of yachts and jetset types at bijou boutique hotels on pebble beaches—and maybe even a bit of Game of Thrones nerdery at walled medieval cities thrown in. But while driving a stretch of the 1,100-mile coastline, or further off the beaten track in rural suburbs, you’ll likely run into a masterpiece of 20th-century architecture—they’re dotted all over the country.
Lucie Grace, Daily Beast, 3rd December 2022
The article: Croatia’s Best Kept Secret? Its Decaying Communist Ruins

We’re just back from Istria, a mix of rural hilltop villages, pretty seaside towns, and islands to explore. Thanks to a microclimate that can grow everything from olives to grapes, Istria has also become a haven for foodies. In 2017, its Monte restaurant was the first in Croatia to earn a Michelin star, putting the area on the gastronomy map. Since then, the dining scene has grown from there. Here’s our report.
Emily Goldfischer, Luxury Travel Advisor, 29th November 2022
The article: Istria: Croatia’s Foodie Corridor

In Croatia’s rugged interior, a stone’s throw from the Bosnian border, hides one of Europe’s most exotic hikes: through Plitvice Lakes National Park. There’s nothing like this lush valley of 16 terraced lakes, laced together by waterfalls and miles of pleasant lakeside walkways along wooden planks. That this park’s unique and stunning beauty isn’t universally known is yet another reminder that Europe offers endless thrills beyond its most famous sights.
Rick Steves, Times Colonist, 26th November 2022
The article: Rick Steves: Croatia’s stunning Plitvice Lakes park

Zagreb’s Christmas market is included in The Guardian’s list of 10 of Europe’s coolest Christmas markets
The Guardian, 23rd November 2022

It’s often been said that in life it’s the journey that matters, and not the destination. But when your journey is on a beautiful yacht gliding down the coast of Croatia – and your destinations are some of Europe’s most historic cities like Split and Dubrovnik – both are equally as important.
Gordon Tait, The Scottish Sun, 4th November 2022
The article: Life’s a beach on luxury sailing trip around the stunning Croatian coast

Beyond its [Dubrovnik’s] walls lie the lands that once supplied the prosperous city-state with olive oil and wine. While here for a weekend, you might visit the two nearest wine regions, Konavle (home to the white Malvasija Dubrovačka – not to be confused with Malvazija Istarska) and Pelješac (renowned for producing some of Croatia’s best reds, from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape).
Jane Foster, Decanter, 31st October 2022
The article: A perfect weekend in Dubrovnik

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of Croatia’s most popular tourist attractions. After spending a day wandering the trails that wind around the park’s travertine lakes and tumbling waterfalls, encountering every shade of green and blue, I could see why. The Unesco site’s unique geology, where white tufa barriers are breached by cascading water, is reminiscent of the idyllic Rivendell valley in JRR Tolkien’s fictional world of Middle-earth.
Debbie Rolls, BBC Travel, 21st October 2022
The article: In Croatia, a hotel trying to heal war wounds

Croatians have long envisioned linking the southern part of their country and the mainland, with those driving from the south of Croatia possibly having to go through customs in Bosnia and Herzegovina to access services such as health and education located on Croatia’s mainland. The country’s citizens finally got their wish with the opening of the Pelješac Bridge this July, which has drastically changed travel in both Croatia and Bosnia. 
Paula Krizanovic, Skift, 17th October 2022
The article: A New Bridge to the Future for Travel in Croatia

We weren’t sure how this trip was going to go: Dubrovnik in July, the highest of high seasons, with a toddler? Sounds like we’d be battling a crowd of Game of Thrones tourists in Old Town, using a stroller as our shield. Thanks to some fantastic hotels, the patience of Croatians (who, to a person, were so good with kids), and a detour to the place where locals go to escape the crowds, we had a trip to Croatia’s coast that I can’t stop talking about. Here are four ways to make the most of a visit to Dubrovnik, high to low season.
Joe Diaz, AFAR, 16th September 2022
The article: Dubrovnik Without the Crowds—Even During High Season

The boat trip over to the coastal Croatian village of Fazana to Veliki – central hub of the Brijuni archipelago – is a glorious journey; one often made by holidaying locals, to whom the little group of picture-perfect islands is well known and loved, but seldom by tourists from further afield. 
Shelley Rubenstein, The Daily Telegraph, 8th September 2022
The article: The secret Adriatic archipelago the Croatians don’t want you to know about

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