New Flights to Croatia 2023

By all accounts, 2023 looks like it will be a bumper year for tourism in Croatia with visitor numbers for the year so far already at high levels and even more so expected for the summer. Given the travel uncertainty over the last few years because of you-know-what, flight schedules were somewhat reduced and curtailed. That’s not the case for this year at all! Here, we take a look at all the new flights to Croatia 2023, including flights from the UK and Ireland, and from all across Europe.

New Flights to Croatia 2023

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – From the UK and Ireland

Having said the above, there’s not an overwhelming number of new flights from the UK and Ireland to Croatia for 2023. Looking at this fact positively, this likely means that there’s already a very good number of routes between these two countries anyway – right?!

One exciting new route – which is in fact a reinstatement of a route previously run in the mid-2010s – is Ryanair‘s from London Stansted to Osijek in Eastern Croatia. Operating twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, until 27th October, this offers travellers from London a wonderful opportunity to explore this lovely town and the fascinating region of Croatia.

TUI, meanwhile, have a new once-a-week route from Leeds Bradford to Dubrovnik, flying on Thursdays. This route will run until 19th October. In fact, this also isn’t strictly speaking a new route; these flights were switched from Doncaster Sheffield Airport to Leeds Bradford following the closure of the former. Unfortunately, the airline’s Doncaster Sheffield – Pula route does not seem to have made the same switch.

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – To Zagreb

Croatia Airlines have a new route connecting Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia’s capital. This is a great way for travellers to combine these two countries (although the airline already flies to Sarajevo year-round). You could even consider travelling the Croatian coast – from Dubrovnik and Split, say – and then making your way to visiting Mostar and then flying on to Zagreb from there.

Ryanair established a base at Zagreb Airport a couple of years ago that is going from strength to strength. One of its new routes for this year is from the Greek island of Kos to Zagreb.

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – To Pula

New routes from Italy to Croatia are always very welcome as an easy way to combine visiting these two very beautiful countries. (Although of course there are a number of other ways of travelling from Italy to Croatia!) Easyjet has a new route from Naples in southern Italy to Croatia, their only route to Croatia this year.

Ryanair has a new flight route from Dusseldorf to Pula. In addition to this, they have also established a new route from Katowice in Poland.

Perhaps not a route that many will ordinarily come across, but Swiss airline Peoples will by flying from the small airport of St Gallen-Altenrhein, on the Swiss-Austrian border, to Pula.

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – To Rijeka

Rijeka Airport is one of Croatia’s lesser-utilised airports, with only a few routes from the UK and Europe to here…despite it being a coastal airport! However, the one new route that the airport has seen introduced for 2023 is a Ryanair (them again!) route from Milan Bergamo airport.

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – To Zadar

The number of flights in operation to Zadar Airport has certainly increased over the last few years (mostly pre-pandemic!) and 2023 is no exception.

Another Ryanair base in Croatia, the airline has also introduced a good number of new routes to this north Dalmatian airport this year as well. With a very wide range of flights from Germany, the airline has also added the city of Münster as somewhere you can now fly from to Croatia.

The same airline already has flights from the Italian airports of Bologna, Milan Bergamo, Pisa, Rome and Turin; to these, they add flights from Milan Malpensa airport.

Ryanair also has a wide selection of flights from Poland, including from the cities of Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw. In 2023, it started flying from Rzeszow as well.

Italian airline Aeroitalia has also commenced flying from Forli Airport, just south of Bologna, to Zadar.

What Not to Miss in Croatia - Split

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – To Split

Croatia Airlines have introduced a couple of new routes to Croatia’s largest coastal city for this year. They now connect North Macedonia’s capital city Skopje with Split, whilst also now flying from Oslo.

SAS continue the new routes from Norway, with a new connection from Trondheim to Split.

Sunclass meanwhile have introduced flights from Stockholm.

And of course, Ryanair gets in on the action too; they have a new route from Rome Fiumicino Airport to Split.

New Flights to Croatia 2023 - Dubrovnik Airport
Dubrovnik Airport

New Flights to Croatia 2023 – To Dubrovnik

It’s no surprise that Dubrovnik Airport is connected to all manner of European cities through a very expansive flight network. But there’s always room for some new flights!

This year, as well as the new flights to Zadar, Italian airline Aeroitalia have also commenced flying from Forli to Dubrovnik.

There’s been a reasonable amount of fanfare regarding the new route from Czech capital Prague to Dubrovnik with Croatia’s main carrier, Croatia Airlines.

Romanian airline Air Connect has commenced flights from the country’s capital city Bucharest to Dubrovnik.

Get Flying to Croatia!

All in all, the above-mentioned new flight routes to Croatia add to the already quite substantial flight connections the country has.

Sadly, we have not seen any new long-range connections – those from the Middle East, Asia or North America – to Croatia, but here’s hoping something new will emerge along these lines for 2024!