Panorama of Pag, Pag Island, Croatia

Reader’s email: A follow-up to a visit to Croatia!

We here at Visit Croatia field numerous emails every day about visiting Croatia – from places to visit, or suitable holiday destinations for particular travellers (families, older visitors, party-animals), to advice on travelling around (lots of questions about bus travel!), to reaching the country in the first place, to language queries…we’ve pretty much received and answered question about almost everything Croatia-related, over the years! (See the Travel Advice section on this blog for some more recent examples.)

Panorama of Pag city, the largest city on Pag island, Croatia

Pag Town on the island of Pag

Whilst we’re very happy to help everyone that emails in regarding planning their holiday to Croatia, very rarely do we get to hear the outcome of that holiday. Did they like it? What did they see? What did they like best? How much did they explore? It all honestly, it’s perfectly understandable – and I wouldn’t expect people to write to me telling me about everything they did!  I assume, however, that most people did enjoy their holiday, and hope that they have shared their experiences with friends and family and persuaded some of them to visit Croatia in the future.

This year, however, I’ve been conversing with a traveller who was looking for a quiet place on the Croatian coast for a twelve-day holiday for this month (August). He’d looked through the Visit Croatia site, and suggested that somewhere near Zadar, Sibenik or Split would be suitable for him. I gave him a few suggestions and after he did some additional research, he settled on the island of Pag – though fully intending to do some additional exploring in the nearby area.

The traveller also kindly promised that he’d let me know how it all went – and this week, I got a very lovely email! He wrote:

My holiday is over and I am back from Croatia. I am sorry for this because it was really very nice holiday. But this is the life, as we know, everything finishes.

I have really spent wonderful and great time in Croatia, on the otok Pag (and not only). We have visited many places. Of course we have explored all the island Pag – not only Pag, Novalja, Povljana, Metajna, but also almost all small villages like Vlasici, Kosljun, Simuni, Mandre, Lun and others. Besides this we have visited the towns of Zadar, Sibenik, Split and many small villages like Nin (very nice place), Sukosan, Filip i Jakov, Biograd na moru. Every place was wonderful. We have also made three excursions by boat – 1. around all the island Pag, 2. Kornati National park (we have seen many islands) and 3. islands Olib and Silba. Really excellent, splendid, magnificent and great places. Although we have seen only little part of Croatia I could say that it is very nice country.

Of course we ate Paski sir (delicious), roasted piggy and other specialities which we liked so much.

In two words it was very nice holiday and I am very sorry that the time passed so quickly.

I thank you very much once more because it was also your merit with your help and your advices.

Thank you very much for the follow-up email, dear traveller, and it’s wonderful to hear that you had such a nice time. We hope you have the opportunity to visit Croatia again!