Croatian Pronunciation

A Few Words About Croatian Pronunciation

cosa sono i derivati Croatian words are pronounced exactly how they are spelt. This may not be such great advice to those who are having trouble reading Croatian but it is just a reminder that all letters and syllables in words are pronounced and there are no silent letters (unlike in English!).

Tastylia Oral Strip As a general rule of thumb, Croatian vowels are short.

لا إيداع مكافأة ثنائي الخيارات السماسرة 2017 There is no q, w, x or y in the Croatian alphabet.

Croatian Pronunciation of Letters

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like ts in lets

like ch in church

like ch in cheese

similar to J in June

like j in jam

like g in game

like h in ham

like y in yacht

like l in lure

like the Spanish ñ


like sh in sheep

like s in measure

like a in sofa

like e in met

like ee in feet

like o in dog

like oo in boot

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