Getting to Krka National Park

Here are the best ways of getting to Krka National Park from Split, Zadar, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and elsewhere.

Krka National Park is very easily reached from a number of places – Sibenik is the closest large town to the park, although both Split and Zadar are also reasonably close. Due to its proximity to the coastline, many of Krka National Park’s visitors are those that find themselves travelling either up or down the Croatian coast.

Getting to Krka National Park

The nearest airport is Split Airport, at just under an hour’s drive away; Zadar Airport is just over an hour’s drive away. From either airport, transfer first to the main bus station in that city and then travel on to Skradin, which is where one of the entrances to the Park is.

If you find that bus timetables don’t quite work out from where you’re travelling from, we’d recommend first travelling to Sibenik and then getting a local bus from there.

Getting to Krka National Park from Split

Split is one of the easiest places to reach Krka National Park from. There are buses that run from Split Bus Station to Skradin that operate year-round (with a higher frequency in summer). These buses take about 1 hour 15 mins/1 hour 30 mins.

Getting to Krka National Park from Zadar

From Zadar, there are also direct buses to Skradin year-round (with a higher frequency in summer). Journey time is about an hour.

Getting to Krka National Park from Sibenik

There are reasonably frequent daily buses (year-round) from Sibenik to both Skradin and Lozovac, another one of the entrances to the Park. These services are run as city/suburban routes by Autotransport Sibenik.

Getting to Krka National Park from the Plitvice Lakes

For those who like a double-whammy of nature parks, in the summer there are a couple of buses connecting Plitvice Lakes National Park and Skradin. Routes are run by Prijevoz Knezevic; journey time is 3 hours.

Getting to Krka National Park from Zagreb

There are direct buses from Zagreb to Skradin, run by Croatia Bus. The route is pretty direct, and it takes 4 hours 20 minutes. For more options, we’d suggest heading to Zadar first and then getting another bus to the park.

Getting to Krka National Park from Dubrovnik

There aren’t any direct buses from Dubrovnik to the National Park. It’s also a reasonable distance between the two places making it not all that suitable for a day trip. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to reach the park from Dubrovnik, we’d recommend travelling to Split or Sibenik first and then making your way on accordingly.

Getting there from elsewhere in Croatia

If you’re travelling from elsewhere in Croatia, it is best to travel to either Zadar, Sibenik or Split first; which one you go to depends on where you’re travelling from! From any of these towns or cities, you can then easily travel on to Skradin and Krka.

You can also embark on an organised excursion to Krka from many towns in Dalmatia (it’s a highly doable day trip from Split or Zadar) – enquire at a travel agency local to where you’re staying for details.

Driving to Krka National Park

Krka National Park is located close to the A1 motorway, so it’s easy to drive to from many locations in Croatia. Krka is marked on road signs as you get closer, so you’ll be able to find it without any problems.

Lozovac is the best entrance to head to if you have your own car as there’s a large car park there. In Skradin, parking is possible in the town.

Luggage Storage for Krka National Park

There is luggage storage in Skradin for when you are visiting Krka National Park.