Books on Croatia

Pick up some phrases and teach yourself the language using the following Croatian language books, including phrasebooks, course books, guides and multimedia items.

Croatian Language Books – Phrasebooks

Lonely Planet Croatian Phrasebook & Dictionary

This invaluable little guide is perfect for your visit to Croatia. Nearly 250 pages filled with vocabulary and phrases, as well as a two-way dictionary. Topics covered include practical phrases (transport, sightseeing etc.), social situations, food (words, menus, ordering) and health.

Croatian Phrasebook & Dictionary (Berlitz)

Similar to the phrasebook featured above, this little guide provides all the standard words and phrases that you will need for your holiday. Published in 2019, this now includes a free app to help you on your travels.

Croatian Language Books – Coursebooks

The following books and other materials may help if trying to learn the Croatian language in a bit more depth.

Conversational Croatian (Pimsleur)

Colloquial Croatian

Celia Hawkesworth, Ivana Jovic

If you are interested in learning a little bit more than just the basic phrases for your holiday, we would recommend this book. Lessons are based over 20 chapters in various daily settings; exercises in each allow you to practise. The book also provides a good foundation of grammar too, and there’s free online audio that you can access to accompany your learning with the book.

Complete Croatian (Teach Yourself Guide)

David Norris

This pack includes a language course that consists of the book and access to free audio online or via an app. Learn a bit more of the Croatian language!

Learn Croatian – Quick / Easy / Efficient: 2000 Key Vocabularies

This book follows the Pareto (80/20) principle to streamline learning by teaching some of the most used Croatian words and phrases.

Beginners Croatian

With online audio, this well-reviewed and comprehensive book is certainly worth a look if you’re learning the language.

Croatian: Learn Croatian in a Week!

Contains the most useful words and phrases to get you up to speed with the Croatian language very quickly.

Croatian Language: 101 Croatian Verbs

A great resource for trying to master those tricky Croatian verb conjugations.

Croatian Language Books – Dictionaries and Other

English-Croatian & Croatian-English One-to-One Dictionary

A useful dictionary that’s an indispensable companion to many of the phrasebooks or course books featured on this page.

Learn Croatian with Word Search Puzzles

For a slightly different way of picking up some Croatian vocab, try this entertaining book – in fact, the perfect sort of thing to take on holiday and pick up whilst you’re lazing by the pool.

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