Here are some other books on Croatia or concerning the country, including works of fiction and autobiographical tales.

Into Hell’s Fire

Douglas Cavanaugh

A fascinating blend of fact and fiction, Into Hell’s Fire is a ‘must read’ for action/adventure readers who not only want their next great story, but also a better understanding of the conflict that devastated ex-Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

Author Douglas Cavanaugh delicately weaves a brief history of the region into a thrilling tale of adventure set during the 1992 Siege of Sarajevo. The book is a brilliant read for tourists from the U.K. and Ireland on summer holidays along Croatia’s Adriatic coast or for those in search of something more exotic in the Bosnian countryside.

Set in multiple locations throughout Bosnia (Mostar, Sarajevo) and Croatia (Slavonia, Dalmatia, and the entire Kvarner region – Opatija, Rijeka, and the island of Losinj), Into Hell’s Fire is an action-packed adventure that is certain to keep the reader turning pages in suspense to the very end.

Lucas Martin, a retired ‘contractor’ of the United States government, is recalled to ex-Yugoslavia to monitor the unfolding crisis in Sarajevo and the Balkans. Little time passes before he is entrapped in a fight for his life with a corrupt Serbian general. Lucas, relying on his experience, wits and limited resources, is forced to battle his opponent face-to-face in a dramatic, final showdown. Does Lucas still have what it takes to save his life against overwhelming odds? Will good triumph over evil in a world where rules and morality have been left by the wayside? Readers of Into Hell’s Fire will be thrilled to find out the answers to these questions and much, much more.

“Douglas Cavanaugh managed to create an outstandingly vivid, engaging story and handled a sensitive subject in a tactful manner,”
– Nikolina Demark, contributing reporter at, January 20, 2018.

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Zagreb, Exit South

Edo Popovic

Set in new Zagreb, the book tells the tale – at times deeply humourous and other times dark – of Baba and Vera, characters who are disillusioned with life and the hand that they’ve been dealt. Slobodan Novak, author of History of Croatian Literature, says “Popović is simply the epitome of the ‘urban writer…’ The best narrator of his generation has achieved literary maturity, and that is great news.”

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Batting On The Bosphorus

Angus Bell

The author travels on an unusual cricketing journey through Eastern Europe, uncovering all sorts of unexpected teams, players and unusual experiences along the way. From cricket on ice in Estonia to games on the Croatian island of Vis…and much more inbetween! A highly rated book (“very funny” says BBC Radio London), you don’t need to have any knowledge of cricket to enjoy it! Read more about Angus and the book at

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American Scream: Palindrome Apocalypse

Dubravka Oraic Tolic

Exquisite poetry from Oraic Tolic, American Scream explores the themes of pursuing dreams and the unexpected consequences that sometimes arise as a result. Palindrome Apocalypse is its complement which is presented side-by-side with the original text in Croatian to fully capture the poet’s work.

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The Survival League

Gordan Nuhanovic

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Lovers and Madmen: A True Story of Passion, Politics and Air Piracy

Julienne Eden Busic

The book tells the story of how four young Croats and an American woman hijacked a plane in the US in 1976 in order to publicise the Croatian fight for independence and the oppression of Croats within Yugoslavia. It goes on to tell of how Julie Busic became involved in such a cause, ultimately sacrificing her freedom. She is one of Croatia’s heroines! A highly recommended book.

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Thorn Lace: Mojmir – A Migrant’s Lot

Ina Vukic

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Fragments of War

Mishka Gora

Trysta Montgomery is a twenty-three year old Australian university graduate who plunges into the world of humanitarian work at the height of the war in the former Yugoslavia in 1993. Initially secluded from the enemy in the relative safety of the beautiful Dalmatian coast and its overflowing refugee camps, Trysta eventually finds herself behind the front lines in Serb-occupied Croatia. Based on the author’s actual experiences as a humanitarian aid worker, this fictional account of a young woman’s foray into ‘someone else’s war’ is an intelligent and powerful observation of the 1990s conflict and its aftermath, a poignant journey into a European paradise devastated by war.

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