Renting a car in Croatia is easy, if perhaps a bit more on the pricey side compared to other European countries. Major car hire chains exist in Croatia, as do local companies. Most have offices in the larger Croatian towns and at airports. Below is a list of some of the car hire agencies in Croatia.

Booking car hire in Croatia

To try and get the best deal on your car hire, consider using a price comparison website to compare car hire prices from different agencies. Search for car hire in Croatia using the search box below to see what deals are on offer!

Renting a car in Croatia – regulations

You need to be at least 21 and have held a driving license for at least 2 years to rent a car in Croatia.

Renting a car in Croatia – the islands

Almost all the larger Croatian islands have local agencies that offer car hire. However, car hire on the islands is different to renting a car from an agency on the mainland. By this, we mean that car hire is offered on the basis that you’ll be taking a car out for a few hours, an afternoon or perhaps a day – not for a full week! (Well, you could try but it’d be rather expensive!)

Likewise, the types of cars on offer are limited – they’re usually pretty small cars suitable for zipping around an island for a while. Sometimes you may come across old-style VW Beetle cars which are certainly stylish for driving around a Dalmatian island for a few hours.

Should I rent a car in Croatia if I’m visiting the islands?

If you’re considering hiring a car (on the mainland) but also plan to visit the islands, do consider a few things. You’ll of course be limited to using the car ferries to get onto (and off) the islands – see the maps on Jadrolinija’s website as to which routes exist. You’ll also need to pay the cost of sailing with a car on the ferry (plus the cost of any passengers too).

On the flip side, you can explore the island(s) to your heart’s content with a car! So if you’re planning on seeing and doing a considerable amount of island sightseeing, a car is definitely worth it. But if you’re more likely to be lazing on a beach most days…perhaps renting a car might not be worth it!

Driving in Croatia

If you’re renting a car, be sure to check out our advice on driving in Croatia!