Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Aside from cruises in Croatia – which start and end in the country – you could also visit Croatia with one of the cruises to Croatia. In other words, embarking on a cruise that explores the eastern/southern Mediterranean, with stops in other countries as well such as Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro and Greece.

A number of cruises to Croatia often stop off at a few Croatian locations, the most likely of which is Dubrovnik. Other destinations – usually in addition to Dubrovnik – may include the islands of Hvar or Korcula or Split on the mainland.

Cruises to Croatia

You’ll probably get a day (or half a day) as a stopover in these places, which will give you a brief bit of time to explore and sightsee before returning to your ship.

These types of cruises are an excellent introduction to Croatia, and we are sure that you want to return to the country after your brief taster! They are also a good way of combining the country with other nearby ones – such as Italy (Venice, unsurprisingly, is a very frequent stop-off or starter point), Slovenia, Montenegro or Greece.

Cruises to Croatia

Here are some cruises to Croatia that feature stops in towns such as Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar and Rijeka. These cruises are offered by TUI and prices include flights to the cruise starting point.

TUI Cruises to Croatia

Adriatic Affair – 7 night cruise
Starting and ending in Dubrovnik, this itinerary flits between Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro and Croatia with stops in Rijeka and Split

Adriatic Delights – 7 night cruise
Visit Dubrovnik, Zadar and Split as well as Trieste and Ancona in Italy and Kotor in Montenegro

Adriatic Explorer – 7 night cruise
Including Corfu, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, this one stops in Split and Dubrovnik

Sail Three Seas – 7 nights
Croatia, Malta, Italy (Sicily), Greece and Montenegro, this is another cruise starts and ends in Dubrovnik

Spanish Sunsets – 8 night cruise
This long cruise starts in Dubrovnik and makes it way over to Majorca, Gibraltar and Tenerife