Sailing in Croatia

The Croatian coastline is perfect for sailing holidays. With so many islands and ports, you can stop as many times as you like or sail for as long as you wish. And with over 1,000 islands, sailing in Croatia can provide an excellent way of seeing some of the smaller (perhaps even uninhabited) islands that would otherwise be difficult to visit with scheduled ferry lines. This can be considered to be more “hands-on” than your usual holiday, although everyone from beginners to more experienced sailors can find something suitable for them.

Sailing in Croatia

Sailing holidays generally either consist of a course or the chartering of a boat, with or without a skipper. Courses can range from beginner level through to those wishing to brush up their skills (and where better to do that than through the beautiful Croatian Adriatic waters and islands?) at intermediate or advanced levels.


For an amazing sailing experience, Explorer Club offers sailing holidays in Croatia on the Lady Gita, a 161ft custom yacht that can accommodate 12 people. This luxury yacht provides the ultimate in comfort with fantastic amenities (jacuzzi, a swimming platform, alfresco dining, watersports equipment, air-conditioning) whilst a fully professional crew – including a chef – looks after guests. Or how about joining one of their Bike & Yacht cruises?

There are plenty of other chartering options open to you – everything from small motorboats to make short trips to local islands, to large, luxury yachts where the sky may very well be the limit – at least in terms of price. If you do go down the chartering route, remember to consider marina facilities and fees; some information can be obtained from Adriatic Croatia International Club, which runs 22 marinas on the Croatian coastline.

Regardless of whether you’re participating on a course or are chartering a yacht, it is important to establish if you would prefer to go for a standard, all-inclusive holiday package, or a more tailor-made option. A number of companies (please see the list below) have all-inclusive packages, including flights and transfers, so you can be sure that everything is taken care of before you head on your holiday.

Alternatively, you could book courses/charters with a local company and make your own way over to Croatia – see our Getting to Croatia section for some more details.

If you’re looking for something a bit more leisurely, why not go on a cruise? You can either opt to cruise around one portion of the Croatian Adriatic on a small sailing boat; at the other end of the scale, you can join a larger cruise ship for a route that takes in a few stops in Croatia, as well as starting and going on to other Mediterranean countries. See our special sections on Sailing Holidays in CroatiaCruises in Croatia or Cruises to Croatia for more details.

Whatever you choose, you will be sure to enjoy the delights of the Croatian coastline!

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