The 2018 Exit Festival will take place 12th to 15th July and is the 19th edition of the event!

In this section, you can read up on my experiences of attending the festival, and check out our guide to getting there, accommodation and general Exit Festival tips.

More info about the festival can be found at the official Exit Festival website.

There’s also plenty of festivals in Croatia in 2018 – check out our guide!

Exit Festival Day by Day Guide

Visit Croatia and three of her friends went to the 2009 Exit Festival – the 10th anniversary of the event – held in Novi Sad, Serbia. Find out what the experience was like here.

  • Exit Festival 2009 Day 1
    Lily Allen, Roots Manuva, Arctic Monkeys…
    A computer sytem crash at Luton Airport means we reach Novi Sad five hours late. But at least we’re finally there – party time!
  • Exit Festival 2009 Day 2
    Manic Street Preachers, Korn…
    Beach time on the Danube and traditional Serbian mixed grill during the day; watched Korn and ate corn at night.
  • Exit Festival 2009 Day 3
    Patti Smith, Kraftwerk, Moby, Grandmaster Flash…
    We devour ice cream and pizza to provide sustenance for the Festival’s top night – I’m still hoarse and sore from all the hollering and jumping around.
  • Exit Festival 2009 Day 4
    Madness, The Prodigy…
    Mosh pits during The Prodigy scare me. Playing cards and grappa soothe me.

N.B. The acts listed above are the “big” names that played each day on the main stage. There were, of course, many more wonderous performers on the various stages at the Festival each day.

General Exit Festival Guide

Exit Festival 2009

Petrovaradin Fortress after day 3 of the Exit Festival. Yes, the picture is a little hazy…but it was taken at 4.30am, so excuse us!