Exit Festival Day 2 - Dance Arena

The easiest way for getting to Exit Festival is by flying to the nearest airport to Novi Sad – Belgrade AirportBritish Airways, Wizzair and Serbian airline Air Serbia all fly to Belgrade from the UK. Depending on how far in advance you purchase your tickets, and whether you opt for a one-way (if you’re planning on doing travelling in the region before/after the Festival) or return, you may get a good deal or you may find tickets with these airlines rather expensive.

Getting to the Exit Festival

If you can’t find suitable flights with the above-mentioned airlines, or find them too expensive, do as many other Festival goers do and take advantage of low cost airlines’ flights to destinations in nearby countries – and then simply take a transfer (organised or otherwise) to Novi Sad. Below are some details.

Osijek in Croatia (just over the border with Serbia) would be a good choice. However, at present, it is only possible to fly here via Zagreb with Croatia Airlines.

Budapest (in Hungary) and Zagreb (in Croatia) are probably the next easiest places to fly to; each is about a 5-hour bus ride away from Novi Sad. Budapest has the slight edge over Zagreb, however, in that it is served by more flights from the UK.

Other possible cities to fly to include the various Croatian coastal airports, but these then involve a long bus transfer to Novi Sad.

Flights to Osijek from the UK with…

Flights to Budapest from the UK and Ireland with…

Flights to Zagreb from the UK with…

Transfers to Novi Sad & the Exit Festival

Once you’ve flown to one of the above airports, the easiest way to get to Novi Sad would be by booking a transfer bus with one of the companies listed below. They all pick you up at the airport, so no need to make an unnecessary trip to a city centre to catch a bus or train!