Exit Festival Accommodation

The Exit Festival has its own campsite, the Exit Camp, near the Petrovaradin Fortress. Entry to the campsite can be bought at the same time as buying your Exit Festival ticket. But if you don’t fancy lugging your camping gear halfway across Europe, there’s plenty of other Exit Festival accommodation options available to you in Novi Sad, whether you want to go for a hotel, a hostel or a private apartment. 

Alternatively, search for Novi Sad accommodation using the map or search box below:


Otherwise, one of the best experiences is to rent out an apartment for the duration of your stay. (Visit Croatia can certainly attest that renting an apartment in Novi Sad with friends is a great deal of fun!) There’s plenty of availability (if you book early enough!) as the people of Novi Sad rent out their own flats and houses to Festival goers.

You can get apartments and houses of different sizes, from something big enough for just 2 people to much larger groups (8-10 people) and of varying degrees of quality, budget to luxury.

This type of accommodation also seems to be spread throughout Novi Sad; some are located in the downtown area, whilst others are located closer to the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Consider how important being very close to the Festival is; if you’re near the Fortress you can of course walk to it every day but may miss out on seeing the main part of Novi Sad. Likewise, if you’re situated in the downtown area, you’ll either have to get a bus or taxi to the Fortress each day, but both are rather cheap and the journey there won’t take long at all!

Exit Festival Accommodation

When I went to the 2009 Exit Festival, my friends and I rented an apartment (there were 5 of us in total) and we greatly enjoyed the experience. We booked with EUFest and were asked to pay a deposit, with the remainder paid directly to the owner when we arrived (and she showed us around and told us how to use everything).