Biograd na moru

Biograd na moru is another of Croatia’s popular holiday destinations, and also very popular as a sailing destination – this is the most indented part of the Croatian coast, so ideal for those exploring by sea. It’s no surprise that a large marina is situated here – one of the best in Croatia with 750 berths. The town is located about 30km south of Zadar and about 50km north of Sibenik, so easy to reach from either. It is also an ideal location from which to visit a number of Croatia’s national and nature parks.

Biograd na moru

“Na moru” literally means “on the sea” whilst Biograd translates to “white town”. The actual name is thought to go back as far as the 10th century when “bijeli” (“white”) was often a name used for capital cities. (It was once the ‘crown city’ of the Croatian Kings at the time.)

Getting to Biograd na moru

Zadar Airport is the closest to this town, so would be the best place to fly to. There are good connections from UK, Irish and European cities to Zadar – see our Getting to North Dalmatia page for details of these flights.

There are also regular buses connecting the town with other major locations in Croatia. In the case of Zadar, there are suburban buses departing Zadar’s main bus station about every hour or so, with a journey time of half an hour. You can see the timetable on the Liburnija Zadar website. There are also buses from (for example) Sibenik, Split and Zagreb.

What to See and Do in Biograd na moru


Soline Beach is a sandy beach south (along the coast) of the main part of Biograd na moru. There are excellent facilities here – including plenty of cafes and food options – plus changing facilities and showers, water sports fun and small boat rentals (e.g. canoes and dinghies). The beach is surrounded by pine trees, so there’s plenty of shade if the heat of the sun gets too much. The beach also has a shallow entry into the water – this (plus the shade aspect) makes it excellent for those with young children. Closer to town but along the same stretch of beaches is the pebbly Drazica beach.

Bosana Beach is to the north of Biograd. This pebbly beach also has some food and games options.

Crvena Luka Beach is another sandy beach option surrounded by pine trees – however, this beach is about 3km south of Biograd.


Marina Kornati (see below) offers a very pleasant walk taking in the many hundreds of boats docked here; there is also a restaurant situated here.

Biograd na moru marina
Biograd na moru’s marina

Biograd Museum is home to a number of items of interest from the town (with its rich history) and the local area. Perhaps the most interesting is an exhibit of items found on a Venetian ship that sunk off the coast in the 16th century; the ship was only discovered almost 400 years later in 1967 by a fisherman.

There are a number of churches in the town, including the 18th-century Church of St. Anastasia and the small Church of St Rocco. The remains of the medieval Church of St Catherine can also be seen.

Island of Pasman

Pasman is just off this part of the Croatian coast, and there are regular daily ferries from Biograd to Tkon on the island. Jadrolinija runs these ferries (which take cars – so you can fully explore Pasman with your own set of wheels if you’d like to) which have a journey time of just 20 minutes. There are a few sandy beaches on Pasman – check out more details on the Pasman Tourist Office website.

Galesnjak island
The heart-shaped Galesnjak island – the “stripes” are for the preparation of planting olive trees

Island of Galesnjak

Galesnjak (above) has had lots of attention in recent years due to its shape…that of a heart! (It was, in fact, brought to the world’s attention by Google Earth!) Despite being proclaimed the ‘island of love’ or the ‘lover’s island’, this tiny, uninhabited island in the Pasman channel doesn’t have anything on it of note. Some may still like to visit it for what they consider its ‘romantic nature’ because of its heart shape. It can only be visited by privately hired boat – ask in town.

Kornati National Park

Kornati is very suitable as a day trip from Biograd na moru due to its proximity. It’s really only possibly to visit on an excursion (well, unless you have your own boat!) – ask at a local agency for tours.


Fun Park Biograd is a small theme park located in the area. Perhaps not the greatest attraction for theme park aficionados, it’s nevertheless something a little different to do if you’ve had your fill of the sea and sun. If you have any little ones in tow, they’ll certainly have fun here!

Eating and Drinking in Biograd na moru

One of the best-loved restaurants in town is Kaciol – lots of excellent fish options plus friendly service.


Gastro Biograd takes place in mid/late June each year; this three-day event allows visitors to sample a number of delicacies and wines from all over Croatia.

The Biograd Street Music Festival takes place throughout every summer, as does the Biograg Culture Summer with a myriad of music, theatre and other events for both adults and kids.

The long-running Biograd Boat Show is one of the prime events of its kind in Croatia. Taking place each October, there’s a vast exhibition of boats.

Biograd na moru

Accommodation in Biograd na moru

There’s a very good choice of accommodation here, from a good selection of four and three-star hotels, plus plenty of private apartments and rooms, villas and plenty of camping options.

In particular, the four-star Hotel Ilirija and the Hotel IN are both in a very central location, close to beaches and both have an indoor pool. Further out of town is the four-star Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort which has smart rooms, an outdoor pool and a private beach area. Larger rooms with a kitchen are available, so this is a very suitable option for those travelling as a family.

For campsites, do consider Camping Park Soline which has pitches for tents and camper vans, as well as its own mobile homes to rent. They also have glamping options!

Take a look at our Accommodation in Biograd na moru page for more details.

More info

There’s plenty of useful information on the town on the Biograd na moru tourist office website or the City of Biograd na moru official website.