Pasman is a lovely green island located just off the coast of North Dalmatia, separated from the mainland by what is called the Pasman channel. The island has an area of around 60 square kilometres, and has a population of about 2,800 people.

The main towns on the island are (from north to south) Zdrelac, Banj, Dobropoljana, Nevidjane, Mrljane, Mali Pasman, Kraj and Tkon.


Getting to Pasman

There is a car ferry line from Biograd on the mainland to Tkon on the island of Pasman. The ferry operates throughout the year (13 sailings per day in high season; 10 per in day in low season) and the journey time is 30 minutes. The line is run by Jadrolinija.

Pasman is also connected by bridge to the island of Ugljan. You could therefore also choose to get the ferry from Zadar to Preko on the island of Ugljan, and then drive down.

Bridge between Pasman and Ugljan
The bridge connecting Pasman and Ugljan

Things to See and Do on Pasman


Pasman is blessed with a number of beaches, and you’re sure to find exactly the kind of seaside you’re looking for – whether that’s surrounded by fellow sun-worshippers and close to a bar or cafe, or in a quiet spot to yourself! There’s also quite a few sandy options, which we know will delight many of you!

Kraj has several well-equipped beaches, including Tratica Beach and Duzica Beach. Both have good facilities, including changing spaces and showers, as well as eateries nearby for refreshments. The former is sandy (as well as having a concrete platform) both on the beach and in the water, although both are very suitable for all ages.

Lucina Beach in Pasman is ideal for a relaxing few hours, located as it is in a bay with shade provided by trees.

Mrljane Beach has excellent facilities, with concrete or grass for sunbathing as well as shaded areas, and a good number of catering establishments. Not too far away is Barotul Beach with its sandy areas, and Nevidane Beach.

Franciscan Monastery & Churches

Kraj is home to a Franciscan monastery and a 14th-century church, and there are also a number of small churches in the other settlements on the island.


There are two bike paths on the island, marked as path 7 and path 8. Path 7 is for the more serious cyclist as it involves a number of hill climbs, although those that cycle it will be reward with wonderful views. Path 8 navigates all the main towns on the island (so, a great way of exploring) and is a more gentle route.

Pasman - Veliki Bokolj viepoint
The view from Veliki Bokolk, the highest point on Pasman

Veliki Bokolj

This is the highest point on the island – at an elevation of 274m – and a hike up here would take about 2 hours (if you start near Dobropoljana). There’s a small stone/rock circle to mark the highest point, and there’s lovely views from here out to sea.

Galesnjak island

Galesnjak island may have caught your attention previously as it’s received attention around the world (thanks to Google Earth) because of its distinctive and delightful heart shape! Located in Pasman channel, very close to the mainland, there’s nothing actually on the island apart from a few, small pebble beaches. However, you may like to arrange a private visit (ask locally) for a romantic afternoon.

Eating and Drinking on Pasman

San Marko (Pasman) is one of the most popular eateries, with excellent seafood and steak dishes, comfortable outdoor seating and a good atmosphere.

Konoba Trta Mrta (Tkon) is the place to go for pizza.

Konoba Kiss (Pasman) has a lovely, rustic outdoor seating area right by the sea with a good number of seafood, fish and meat choices.

There’s plenty of beach bars all along the Pasman coastline – you won’t be missing out on a cold beer or a tasty cocktail! Try Beach Bar Moreta by Tratica Beach or Caffe Bar Nautilus in Dobropoljana.

Tkon on the island of Pasman
Tkon on the island of Pasman

Events on Pasman

Skraping is an ultra trail race that takes place in early March each year, with four different categories of ability. Normally over 1,000 participants take part from Croatia and Europe.

Accommodation on Pasman

There are no hotels here, although there is plenty of choice from the apartments, villas, holiday homes and campsites on Pasman.

For campsites, consider the mobile homes in Petra’s Garden (in Kraj), or the cottages in Camping Torkul (in Kraj). Camp Arboretum offers plots for tents and is set near a sandy beach and by woodland, with a restaurant and supermarket nearby. Kamp Pasman is also located by a sandy beach, and accepts tents and camper vans as well as offering mobile homes.

There is also naturist camping (plots for tents, mobile homes, and glamping tents) at Sovinje in Tkon.

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More info

You can learn more about this island on the very information Pasman Tourist Office website.