Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Due to Dubrovnik’s location right on the thin, southern tip of Croatia, it is relatively easy to pop over the border further south into Montenegro. (In fact, many of those who are holidaying in one of the Montenegrin coastal towns find it easier to fly into Dubrovnik.) Here’s a guide to some of the day trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro that you can make!

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro

Just over the border into Montenegro are a number of coastal towns – and you may like to see what other Adriatic seaside towns are like. Amongst those that are relatively easily reachable from Dubrovnik are Herceg Novi, Budva and Kotor. The majority of these towns don’t really have many beaches to speak of, so if that’s the kind of thing you’re after it’s probably better to plan a different day trip.

Renowned tour GetYourGuide offers a number of day trips from Dubrovnik into Montenegro if you prefer to join an organised excursion. These include an 11-hour Montenegro Boat Tour from Perast to Kotor that includes a transfer into Montenegro before you set sail or the similar Montenegro Day Trip with Cruise in Kotor Bay. The 11-hour Montenegro Day Trip with Optional Boat Trip might be more suitable for your if you prefer your sightseeing mostly by road.

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Remember, as you’re going into a different country, do double-check if you require a visa for Montenegro at the Montenegro Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro – Kotor

Kotor is probably the most worthwhile Montenegrin town to make a day trip from Dubrovnik to; it’s a wonderfully preserved coastal town with numerous sights. The bus journey to Kotor takes around 2 to 2 and a half hours.

Take a look at timetable details on the Dubrovnik Bus Station website and you’ll see there are plenty of buses running every day with a number of operators, at times that would make a day trip by public transport very doable. Do however note that return buses from Kotor don’t depart that late – on some days the latest is at 3.55pm – so make sure you take an early morning bus from Dubrovnik to make the most of your day!

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro - Kotor
Kotor Bay

Kotor is set on the beautiful Bay of Kotor (along which a number of towns are situated – you could equally stop off at any of them) and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Amongst the sights to see are the well-preserved Old Town and its city walls (along which you can walk). There’s also the Cathedral of Saint Tripun (built in 1166).

More at Visit Montenegro – Kotor and the Kotor Tourist Office website.

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro – Herceg Novi

The bus journey to Herceg Novi only takes around 1 and a half hours; Herceg Novi is the first larger town you come to after you cross the border into Montenegro. See the Dubrovnik Bus Station website for times to and from Dubrovnik; routes are run by the companies Croatia Bus, Bozur, Blue Line and Flixbus.

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro - Herceg Novi
Herceg Novi

There’s plenty of sightseeing opportunities in Herceg Novi, including several fortresses (such as Forte Mare); churches (St Michael Archangel Church and St Jerome Church, both in the Old Town); monasteries and galleries.

More at the Herceg Novi Tourist Office website.

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro – Budva

Budva is further south along the coastline, about 3 hours away from Dubrovnik. It’s perhaps better reached using an organised tour, rather than spending 5-6 hours (return) on a public bus! (At times that only give you a few hours in the town.) Nevertheless, check out times on the Dubrovnik Bus Station website.

As of summer 2024, there is a new catamaran service connecting Dubrovnik and Budva. Starting on 29th June (and running until 27th September 2024), sailing time will be 2 hours.

Day Trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro - Budva
Sveti Stefan islet in Budva

If you do fancy visiting you’ll be rewarded with sights including Budva’s Old Town, with its city walls and churches. Budva is more famous, however, for its sandy beaches in the city and around it. It is this that makes the place a popular tourist destination – the most popular in Montenegro, in fact. This also means that the city has a bustling nightlife scene.

Budva is also famous for the very pretty islet Sveti Stefan, which is now a glamorous 5-star resort. Multi-Grand Slam-winning tennis champion Novak Djokovic got married there in 2014!

More at and the Budva Tourist Office website.