South of Split, Makarska is a popular resort for holidaymakers during summer – if you’ve ever been there, it’s easy to see why. As such, there’s a wide variety of accommodation in Makarska – something for all budgets and tastes.

As the main town within the Riviera, it’s a great destination for those wanting a mix to their holiday; a bit of relaxation and sea & sun with a bit of sightseeing thrown in too…not to mention options for dining and entertainment in the evenings. Mount Biokovo is situated just behind Makarska for those that fancy a trek up it!

Because it’s a popular place, Makarska has a good range of hotels – from small to large resort hotels – and you’ll also wide a range of private accommodation. The town also has a number of smart, small boutique hotels for those wanting something a little different. In nearby Gradac (40km south of Makarska) is the Hotel Marco Polo which was named the best small hotel in Croatia in 2009.

As a popular holiday destination, villas and apartments are also plentiful in Makarska…including luxury five-star options for both. Search for these below, or check out some notable offerings in the list further down the page.

Use the search box below to look up accommodation in Makarska – including hotels, private accommodation, apartments and rooms – or take a look at the listings shown underneath for further options:

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