Taxis in Croatia

Taxis in Croatia are easy to find, with numerous companies operating all the country. (Some companies even operate nationwide!) As in most other countries, you’ll readily see taxis queuing for customers at locations such as airports, bus stations, train stations, ports and main squares. This is obviously the case in larger towns and cities; in smaller locations – and particularly on the islands – you may well have to organise a taxi or transfer ahead of time. Even in larger destinations, you may be more comfortable with pre-booking a taxi before your journey to confirm the price expected and pick-up time.

Taxis in Croatia

Taxis in Croatia are usually more expensive than travellers expect; Croatia is not a country where you can get a taxi journey for next to nothing! As such, make sure you do need a taxi as in some cases; options such as airport bus transfers may work out better for you.

When you enter a taxi (if you’ve hailed one from a taxi stand/airport/bus station etc), once you’ve stated your destination, the taxi meter should be switched on.

Taxi Companies in Croatia

These days, you can use the websites – or even apps – of Croatian taxi companies to source a quote for your journey and to book your ride. Some of the larger and better-known taxi companies in Croatia include (locations stated unless obvious):

Obviously, many of these companies operate in the towns and villages near to the main locations e.g. the towns near Split, Dubrovnik and so on. Many of the above-listed companies will also be able to offer local tours.

You may also like to enquire at your place of accommodation once in Croatia – particularly at hotels –

Taxis in Croatia – Uber

Uber is now in Croatia! Well, we say “now”, but the company has been operating in the country for several years now. Anyone that’s familiar with the app in other locations will know exactly how to use it to find a ride in Croatia too. Uber tends to be cheaper than other taxi operators which is obviously favourable to visitors to the country!

Uber operates in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split (and nearby locations) and Dubrovnik (and nearby locations).

Taxis in Croatia - Uber

Transfers and pre-booking taxis

As mentioned, you may like to contact one of the above companies to organise a pre-booked taxi or transfer – perhaps from the airport to your hotel, or to a local sight that may otherwise be tricky to reach with public transport.

You can also pre-book airport transfers via tours company Viator (who use local Croatian companies). Examples of such transfers include:

Make sure you need a taxi!

“Well obviously I need a taxi” you may think “otherwise I wouldn’t be doing research on taxis in Croatia!”. But what we mean is – you may not need a taxi after all, depending on what your journey actually is. In the case of transferring from some airports in Croatia, airport shuttle buses tend to be much, much cheaper (for example, it costs €5.97 to use the airport shuttle bus from Zagreb Airport to the city centre – the bus station is where it drops you off), be only slightly slower (as the also make no stops) and in some cases, you can’t get any closer to your destination (the Dubrovnik airport shuttle bus drops you off at Pile Gate by the fully pedestrianised Old Town, which is the same place that taxis can take you!).

Obviously, you may well have a good amount of luggage and be in a larger group in which case a taxi may be more sensible. Alternatively, your destination may be more complicated than just taking an airport shuttle bus followed by a short walk; absolutely, a taxi is a more sensible option.