Events in Eastern Croatia

PLEASE NOTE Due to the global coronavirus outbreak, many of the events listed here may be postponed to later in the year or cancelled for 2020. Please check information on event websites or social media pages for latest updates. We will keep all listings posted on this page in the normal format as we assume the events calendar will return to normal in 2021.

Here’s a listing of events in eastern Croatia – including in cities such as Osijek and Vukovar and in the region in general – that are taking place this year. Please double check on events’ websites or social media pages for up to date programmes and timings of these events.

Events in Eastern Croatia
Events in Eastern Croatia – a food market in Osijek

Events in January 2020

WineOS is in its sixth year in 2020, taking place on 10th and 11th January, This wine festival will showcase wines from all over Croatia, with attendees also able to sample local culinary delicacies.

Events in February 2020

February is carnival month across the globe, and numerous cities in Croatia celebrate too. The Vinkovci Carnival includes processions and children’s events.

Events in April 2020

Easter in Osijek sees large, beautifully painted Easter Eggs on display during Easter week. There is also a kids’ tram that offers rides, plus a procession of Easter bunnies on motorbikes!

Events in May 2020

The Osijek Craft Beer Festival takes place in May at Gajba beerhouse. Sample local craft beers, as well as those from elsewhere in Croatia and international ones too.

Events in June 2020

In fact taking places in June, July and August, the Osijek Summer Nights is a collection of happenings largely centred around live performances plus tasty food and drink! The main square in Osijek will be taken over by a number of small huts selling tasty offerings from Osijek restaurants, and locally produced products from the Baranja and Slavonia regions will also be on sale.

International Danube Day is celebrated on 29th June each year by all countries through which this mighty river flows – which it does in eastern Croatia.

Events in July 2020

It’s not just locations on the coast that enjoy summer festivals! The Osijek Cultural Summer (29th June to 8th July 2020) is the largest festival of this type in eastern Croatia, and features theatre performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, concerts and more both indoors and outdoors.

The DunavArt Festival is held in Ilok in early July each year.

The Vukovar Film Festival (4th – 7th July 2020) holds screenings of films (often winners of international film festivals), short films and documentaries.

Events in August 2020

Dorf is a music documentary festival that takes place in August (18th – 22nd August); it is in its 14th year in 2020.

VukovArt is a street art festival that will take place in Vukovar from 22nd August to 5th September 2020. With the slogan ‘Give Me 5’ (as the festival will showcase the new works of five international street artists) on the buildings of Vukovar), there will also be accompanying happenings including concerts, lectures and workshops.

Events in September 2020

Days of the First Croatian Beer” is a 10-day festival in September that celebrates…well…the first ever Croatian beer – Osjecko! Set in a large marquee by the River Drava in Osijek, the beer, tasty good and live music entertains tens of thousands of revellers each year.

Vinkovci Autumn (17th – 20th September 2020) is one of the largest folkfore festivals in Croatia. Come along to experience traditional costumes, dances and music.

Events in October 2020

PaprikaFest (3-4 October 2020) in Lug, near Osijek, celebrates the pepper (paprika in Croatian), a traditional vegetable around these parts.

Events in December 2020

As with many other places in Croatia, Osijek and Vukovar have a full programme for their Advent offerings. There will be all sorts of Christmas-y happenings throughout the month of December. Warming food and drink, souvenirs and trinkets to buy, live music, ice skating, Santa for the kids…that kind of thing!

More Events in Croatia

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