As you can see from the below listing of events in Split, the city enjoys a very packed cultural calendar each year!

Events in January 2019

JazZima is a series of jazz concerts held over winter (December to March) at the city’s puppet theatre. In January, there will be a French jazz evening (11th) and the Damir Kukuruzović Django Group (25th).

Events in February 2019

A number of Split’s museums will be taking part in the nation-wide ‘Night of the Museums‘ on 1st February 2019. As well as offering free entry from 6pm to 1am, many venues will also be hosting special events.

The two-day Split Carnival in the middle of this month includes various fun activities, the highlight of which is an evening procession with many locals – masks donned – joining in. The main carnival is normally preceded by a children’s carnival a few days before in which the little ones can also put on masks and take part in their own procession.

Events in Split

The 19th Split Half Marathon will be on 24th February 2019 on a course that takes in many of the famous sights and areas of Split, including the Riva (start/end point), Marjan Park and Poljud stadium. The half-marathon now also counts on famous ‘Splicani’ (people from Split) such as high-jumper Blanka Vlasic and tennis legend Goran Ivanisevic as its official ambassadors. Find out more details about the event on the official website, where you can also find out how to register to take part!

Events in March 2019

Gast Fair, now in its 23rd year, is the largest gastro event in Croatia. It is on from 27th February to 2nd March 2019.

Events in April 2019

The Days of Christian Culture is an 11-day event that takes place from early April simultaneously in Split, Sibenik and Dubrovnik.

Unsurprisingly, given its location, Split is home to the annual Croatia Boat Show. A very large number of boats and yachts are exhibited by being moored in the city’s harbour and a spectacular parade of boats is held on the final day of the show. This year sees the 21st such event, held from 10th to 14th April.

Events in May 2019

The Festival of Flowers is held each year in the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace at the beginning of May, usually with a high number of exhibitors showing displays on a particular theme. A visually stunning event, be sure to check it out if you’re in the city this month.

Split’s patron saint, Saint Domnius (Sveti Duje in Croatian) is celebrated with a feast day held each year on 7th May. There will be a procession, mass, food, music and much more!

Events in June 2019

Picigin, a popular game played on the beaches of Split (read more about it on our People of Split page) has a “world” championship event held each year in early June – and its lots of fun to watch! (It’s not at all a world championship in any traditional sense, but there are some competitors from other Mediterranean countries.)

The Mediterranean Film Festival Split will take place from the 13th to 22nd June 2019, showcasing films from the region in several venues in Split.

The ninth Split Pride event will take place on 15th June 2019.

The Bacvice Summer Cinema is an open air cinema close to the famous beach that offers a run of new and classic films over a week or so at the end of June/early July. (In 2019 – 25th June to 2nd July.)

Events in July 2019

Urban music festival Fibra Festival – featuring Croatia bands and singers – will be taking place on 5th & 6th July 2019.

Ultra Europe is back for 2019, and there’s no doubt and another hundred thousand or so people will jet in for this year’s event! It will take place at the city’s famed Poljud stadium from 12th to 14th July 2019.

The Split Summer Festival runs for about a month from mid-July to mid-August. Much like the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, this one features open-air theatre, music and dance performances at various special venues around the city, including in and around Diocletian’s Palace. It’s a must-see if you’re in Split at this time.

Events in August 2019

On the first weekend of each August, a very famous and historic horseback tournament takes place in the town of Sinj, near Split. Now in its 304th year (not a typo – it really is that old!) the Sinjska Alka (or Sinj Alka) sees competitors on horseback armed with lances, aiming to hit the inside of a metal ring (the alka). Points are awarded according to which part of the ring has been hit. The Sinjska Alka was included on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List in 2010 (read more on the UNESCO site), and is well worth attending if you’re in the region in early August as it’s such an unique event.

The “Days of Diocletian” take place each year in mid- to end-August, with the streets surrounding Diocletian’s Palace and by the waterfront turning into something resembling…Roman Emperor Diocletian’s time!

Events in October 2019

The 24th Split Film Festival runs for eight days (18th to 25th September), showing new films from across the world in a variety of categories, themes, genres and styles.

Events in December 2019

The annual ‘Advent in Split‘ sees festive events take place on the Riva and nearby from early December through to early January, involving music and food! There’s usually also special kids’ events (carols) on certain days (Saturdays and New Year’s Eve) too. There’s also an Advert at Pjaca at the nearby People’s Square in the Old Town.

New Year’s Eve is also big business in Split…of course! Tens of thousands of people usually pack onto the Riva to listen to live music from well-known Croatian singers, and to watch fireworks. The free party normally continues until the early hours. For more details, please see the Split Tourist Office website.