Two Days in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is an ideal destination for any length of time, that’s for sure! From a brief stop to a week-long (plus) holiday, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time in this amazing city. However, if you only have a couple of days to visit (perhaps on a weekend break or as a short stay during longer travels in Croatia), here’s the Visit Croatia guide to two days in Dubrovnik to help you plan what to see and do.

Two Days in Dubrovnik

Two Days in Dubrovnik – Day 1

If you find yourself landing at Dubrovnik Airport, take one of the airport shuttle buses from the airport to either the Old Town or the main bus station in Dubrovnik. Get yourself to your accommodation, offload your luggage, and get ready to explore!

Day 1 Morning – Old Town Walls

We would suggest going ‘all in’ and starting with one of the main sights of Dubrovnik right from the off – the Old Town Walls! The reason we suggest this is that it is advisable to tour the walls earlier in the day, both to avoid the crowds that start appearing later on and also to avoid the peak midday sun. (These points assume you are visiting Dubrovnik in the summer!)

There are two entrances up to the town walls, by Pile and Ploce Gates at either ‘end’ of Stradun. We personally favour entering at Pile Gate as by following the anti-clockwise way round the walls, you’ll be able to see the majestic views out to sea (including over to Lokrum), Lovrijenac Fortress, and inwards down over Stradun and Onofrio’s Fountain and of course over the rooftops of the Old Town.

Then you’ll be making your way towards the Old Town harbour and further into the inland portion of the walls; make sure you climb Minceta Fortress for absolutely spectacular photo opportunities.

Two Days in Dubrovnik - Old Town Walls
Walking the Old Town walls

We would suggest putting aside at least a good hour to walk the full route of the walls, although you could easily spend longer depending on how much time you want to spend at each viewpoint and how many photos you want to take. (The answer is – many!)

Day 1 Morning – The Old Town itself

Now that you’ve seen the Old Town from ‘above’, it’s time to explore it from ground level! As you exit the Old Town Walls directly on the Stradun by Onofrio’s Fountain, take in the imposing exterior of the Franciscan Monastery. We’d then suggest that you stroll down the full length of Stradun, perhaps stopping at any of the little shops here for souvenirs; we also wouldn’t blame you if you want to stop for a coffee break!

Two Days in Dubrovnik - Stradun

Once you get to the other end of Stradun, take a look at Sponza Palace, Orlando’s Column, the bell tower, the Church of St Blaise (St Blaise being Dubrovnik’s patron saint) and the Rector’s Palace. Once you’ve looped around this corner, continue south to explore some of the smaller ‘streets’ in Dubrovnik’s Old Town and other sights such as the Jesuit Steps.

Day 1 Lunchtime

We’d suggest a leisurely, relaxing lunch after all that walking! Why not try one of the restaurants towards Dubrovnik’s Old Town harbour for lunch with a view – how about Poklisar for typically Mediterranean fare, as well as burgers.

Day 1 Afternoon – Take the cable car up to Mount Srd

Now that you’ve seen the Old Town from ground level (and just above ground level), it’s time to see it from an amazing vantage point on the small mountain above the city, Mount Srd. Head north just outside the Old Town (you can either climb the steep steps up or head through Ploce Gate for a more leisurely walk) to reach the lower station of the Dubrovnik Cable Car. The modern cable car will whisk you up to the top of Mount Srd in three short minutes.

Try and stand at the back of the cable car (away from the direction of travel) for an impressive scene as the Old Town gets smaller and smaller as you ascend.

View from Mount Srd, Dubrovnik
The view from Mount Srd

Once you’re at the top, take in the amazing views in all directions – over the Old Town, the rest of Dubrovnik, out to Lokrum, the sea and the other islands in the distance. Panorama Restaurant and Bar is located here; you may like to stop for another coffee (or cold drink, or sweet treat) with a view.

The Dubrovnik in The Homeland War Museum is located here as well (in Fort Imperial which was built in the early 19th century when Dubrovnik was under Napoleonic rule) which may also be of interest.

After you’ve had your fill of views, it’s time to head back down. You can obviously get the cable car back down to the Old Town, but some of you may prefer to walk down the hill; expect the walk to take just under one hour.

Day 1 Evening – Cocktails and Dinner

After that full day of walking and exploring, we’d obviously suggest that you retire to your accommodation for a little while to recuperate. But once you’ve done that, it’s time to head out again!

We can’t let you visit Dubrovnik without visiting Buza Bar, so we recommend that you head here on Day 1 for a pre-dinner drink. Walk to the southern-most (technically southeastern) part of the Old Town and you should come across a small doorway in the Wall – pop through for the Bar with its tables laid out on different platform levels on the rocks. Indulge in your favourite tipple and watch the sunset (if you’ve timed it right!).

Buza Bar, Dubrovnik
Looking down on Buza Bar from the Old Town Walls

We would then suggest you stroll over to Lucin Kantun for dinner. This small place serves an amazing array of Dalmatian and Croatian tapas-style dishes; the ingredients and presentation certainly are innovative! Sitting outside is very pleasant but even indoors is a big plus as the open-style kitchen means you can see all the dishes being prepared.

Two Days in Dubrovnik – Day 2

Day 2 Morning – Breakfast

If you’re not having breakfast at your place of accommodation, pop over to Dubravka 1836 Cafe for an AM meal with a view. With the impressive sight of Fort Lovrijenac practically next to you, enjoy one of their breakfast options or simply a hot drink to start your day.

Alternative: Pop by a local bakery to get a pastry (a burek – filo pastry usually filled with cheese or meat – is highly recommended) for breakfast on the go.

Day 2 Morning – A cultural experience or a Game of Thrones Tour

Now that you’ve explored the main parts of the Old Town several times over (!), you may like to delve a little deeper into the cultural delights of the city by exploring its museums or other places of interest.

Take in the Franciscan Monastery (from the 14th century, which also contains the third oldest pharmacy in the world), Fort Lovrijenac, the Rector’s Palace (home to the Cultural History Museum) and more.

Dubrovnik Rector's Palace
The Rector’s Palace

For something a little different, consider heading to the Love Stories Museum, an upbeat museum with stories and items about love and romance from around the world. Or, the Red History Museum which concerns Croatia’s modern history, particularly under the communist times of the former Yugoslavia.

Alternative: If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, you may like to join an organised walking tour which leads you around the main sights that stand in for locations in King’s Landing in the TV series. You can ask locally on the day to see if you can join a tour; alternatively, take a look at some of the tours available on GetYourGuide such as the 2-hour Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour or the 2.5-hour Game of Thrones Extended Tour.

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Day 2 Lunchtime

After a few indulgent meals on this trip, how about a quick pizza for lunch? Swing by Pizza Mirakul for Neapolitan-style pizzas.

Alternative: you might like to head to Lokrum (below) and eat at one of the snack bars there for lunch.

Day 2 Afternoon – Lokrum island, or hitting the beach

The tiny Lokrum is the easiest island to reach from Dubrovnik – you can see it from so many vantage points, so you’ll understand how close it really is! Boats run regularly from the Old Town harbour and take just 10 minutes. Make sure you’ve got proper walking shoes on to explore the island – the botanical garden and the monastery, plus the island’s highest point, Fort Royal. To cool off, either head to one of the beaches or to the inland Dead Sea (yes, it is a saltwater lake!). Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits and towels.

Lokrum Monastery
The Monastery on Lokrum

Alternative: If you want a much lower-key afternoon after the busy day yesterday, how about hitting the beach? We would recommend heading to Banje Beach just outside the Old Town (to the east) – this beach offers sunbathing and swimming with a truly spectacular view of the Old Town itself. When you need to perk yourself up, Banje Beach Club (also a cafe/restaurant by day) is there for refreshments. Further along this bit of coast is Sveti Jakov Beach if you want to head to someone quieter.

Two Days in Dubrovnik - Banje Beach
Banje Beach – with beautiful views

Day 2 PM – Dinner and drinks

For a special treat for your final evening in Dubrovnik, we’d recommend the Michelin-starred Restaurant 360. In an absolutely beautiful setting next to the town walls and above the Old Town harbour, you’ll be able to indulge in exquisitely prepared fish or meat dishes – or you could splurge on the 5-course tasting menu.

For a nightcap, head to Gunduliceva Poljana Square where there are a number of outdoor bars/cafes, all with a nice vibe. Or get an ice cream (you must if you haven’t had one so far – try Dolce Vita) and stroll down Stradun one final time.

Alternative: If you’re really into your wine and want to sample some Croatian specialities, pop over to D’Vino Wine Bar for tasting by the glass. As it’s evening and the bar is quite small, we would recommend reserving a table ahead of time.

And that, sadly, is the end of your two days in Dubrovnik. We hope you’ve had a very enjoyable time exploring this absolute gem of a place.

Where Should I Stay in Dubrovnik?

You might like to take a look at our Accommodation in Dubrovnik Old Town and Accommodation in Dubrovnik pages for accommodation suggestions.

If you are spending just two days in Dubrovnik, we would recommend staying in the Old Town (or just outside) to make the most of your time here without needing to spend too much time using public transport (or taxis…or even walking). There are only two hotels in the Old Town itself, but plenty of private apartments – and there really is something magical about staying in the Old Town itself.

Two Days in Dubrovnik – More Things to See

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