A Jadrolinija ferry docking at Vis Town

The main way of getting to Vis is from Split on the mainland. Although there are some (not very frequent!) ferry services from elsewhere, it is advisable to travel from Split to have the greatest choice in routes.

If you’re holidaying on another island, it is therefore advisable to travel back to Split and then on to Vis from there.

Getting to Vis - Jadrolinija Ferry
The Jadrolinija ferry in Vis Town

Getting to Vis by ferry and catamaran from Split

Jadrolinija operate a year-round daily catamaran service from Split to Vis Town – journey time is just under 1 and a half hours. Departure times vary slightly depending on the day of the week and time of the year.

Once a week on Tuesdays (year round), this route also stops at Hvar Town along the way. On Wednesdays (also year round) this catamaran instead stops at Milna on Brac.

Jadrolinija also run a twice-daily car ferry from Split to Vis. Journey time is two hours and twenty minutes.

Getting to Vis by catamaran from Hvar

As mentioned above, once a week on Jadrolinija‘s catamaran service from Split to Vis there is a stop at Hvar Town. If you’re lucky enough to be in Hvar on that particular day, you can travel on to Vis without having to travel via Split! (This route is not suitable for a day trip from Hvar to Vis – because of the departure times – but you could squeeze in a partial day-trip from Vis to Hvar!)

Getting to Vis by catamaran from Brac

Again, it’s not ideal to travel direct from Brac to Vis as there is only a once-a-week service. Operating from Milna, this service (with Jadrolinija) runs on Wednesdays – so if you’re thinking of travelling on that day, you’re in luck! Otherwise, return to Split from Brac and then sail to Vis.

Excursions to Vis

It is possible to visit Vis from the islands of Hvar and Brac, or from Split on the mainland, on an excursion. Enquire at local travel agencies for excursions, or take a look at the following options: