As we’ve mentioned, the two main towns on the island are Novalja and Pag Town, and it’s in these two locations where most of your sightseeing on Pag will most likely take place.

Sightseeing on Pag – Pag Town

There are a number of churches of note in Pag Town, including the 15th century Church of the Assumption in the town centre which has a wonderfully ornate stone rose window, reminiscent of the lace for which Pag is so famous for. The Church of St George is named after the town’s patron saint, and this church was once linked to the town walls.

The Church of St Margaret is next to the Benedictine Monastery, still home today to the Benedictine nuns, who have played an important part in education and charity work on the island.

The Rector’s Palace is located on Pag Town’s main square, opposite the Church of the Assumption. It was once the residence of the Venice-appointed Duke, who governed the island. Today it is used for numerous cultural events and occasions.

Parts of the old town walls can be seen at various locations in the town; built in the 15th century when Pag Town moved to its new location, the walls were largely demolished after the fall of Venice.

Skrivanat Tower is also from the 15th century, and is the only remaining tower of nine that were used to defend the town.

Sightseeing on Pag - Pag Town

Pag Lace Museum provides information about this craft, with examples of local lace making.

The remains of Pag Old Town can also be seen, located about 1km to the southwest of the present-day town. Once home to 6,000 people, all that remains today are the parish church and the ruins of a Franciscan Monastery.

Perhaps not quite an interesting sight, if you visit Pag Town you will nevertheless see the evidence of salt production, an important part of the island’s history and development.

Sightseeing on Pag – Novalja

The Gradski Muzej in Novalja contains assorted archelogical finds of the local region. It also frequently holds art exhibitions during the summer months.

Sightseeing on Pag - Novalja - Church of St Catherine
Church of St Catherine

The two main churches in the town are the Church of Mary of the Rosary, built in the 17th century where two other churches had previously stood. The Church of St Catherine is from the 19th century.

Of course, we assume if you come to Novalja you probably don’t come for sightseeing but for the nightlife on Pag!

Sightseeing on Pag – Kolan

One of the most famous products from the island of Pag is its cheese. One of the main producers of cheese on Pag is the award-winning Sirana Gligora (Gligora Dairy) who are based in Kolan in the centre of Pag. It is possible to tour the dairy to see their production processes, and also to sample their fine cheeses! Find out more on their website.