Sirana Gligora cheese - Paski sir

Sirana Gligora cheese wins medals at the Global Cheese Awards 2014

Visit Croatia recently wrote about Sirana Gligora on the island of Pag, a world-renowned, family-run dairy that’s the producer of some of Croatia’s best cheese. Now some exciting news reaches us about the dairy’s award-winning products – they’ve scooped up some more medals, this time at the Global Cheese Awards 2014.

The dairy’s raw milk Paski sir (Paski sir iz sirovog mlijeka) achieved second place and a silver medal in the category of hard sheep cheeses; this raw milk cheese achieves its strong and powerful taste and aroma by foregoing the heat treatment of milk whilst still retaining all the qualities of Sirana Gligora’s standard Pag cheese. The dairy’s extra mature Dinarski sir (goat and cow milk cheese from the Dinaric mountains) also won a prize, achieving second place in the hard pressed continental cheese category.

Sirana Gligora cheese - Paski sir
Paski sir
Sirana Gligora cheese - Dinarski sir
Dinarski sir

The Global Cheese Awards was first established in 1861, making it the oldest competition of its kind in the UK. Since 2012, Sirana Gligora cheese has won gold twice and silver five times at the Awards.

If you’re planning on the north Dalmatian region of Croatia in the near future, do remember that you can visit the dairy, located in Kolan on Pag. Tours at the dairy involve visiting the production rooms and learning more about cheese making and the dairy itself, as well as the (very exciting!) opportunity to taste Sirana Gligora’s delicacies.

If you’re intending on visiting Croatia but won’t be able to make it to the island of Pag (what a shame!), Sirana Gligora have a number of shops across the country, selling their cheese alongside wines and other delicacies. Shops are located in Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and also in Ljubljana in Slovenia – find out more details about these shop locations here.

Even if you’re not visiting Croatian any time soon, you can still try some of the wonderful Sirana Gligora cheese! Their online shop features an amazing variety of their products – from their famous Paski sir (hard sheep milk cheese) to goat’s cheese and cow milk cheese; why not try something a little different such as the Sir s tartufima, a hard cow milk cheese infused with Istrian truffles! A great selection of Croatian wines are also available from Sirana Gligora’s online shop (with all wines helpfully given pairing notes for specific cheese) as well as Croatian oils, jams, chocolates, honey and truffles.

Sirana Gligora