Mystic Mountain Festival

Learn more about the magical Mystic Mountain Festival in June

These days, Croatia is home to a huge number of music festivals, with something for all music tastes and desires – EDM, hip hop, house, rock and much, much more. But we’ve just come to learn about the intriguing Mystic Mountain Festival (19th – 25th June 2023…yes, taking place over the summer solstice) that offers something a little different – something a little extra – than all the rest, and it’s something you’ll want to know about too!

Mystic Mountain Festival

About the Mystic Mountain Festival

Would you believe it, a festival located very close to the Plitvice Lakes National Park? That’s the Mystic Mountain Festival! Actually situated in Rudopolje in Lika-Senj county, the festival site is only about a 10-minute drive to that famous National Park in this beautiful part of Croatia as well as being an hour away from the coast. Mystic Mountain is also incredibly close to one of Europe’s longest ziplines, the Zipline Pazi Medo (which translates to Beware of the Bear Zipline!).

Mystic Mountain is also something unlike just a regular music festival. Intended to be more than just a place for partying, Mystic Mountain is something between a nature retreat and a music festival, with a deeper sense of purpose.

Mystic Mountain Festival

With 700 attendees, the festival offers a cosy and intimate vibe with the idea that everyone gets to know everyone else during the week-long event – the duration of which is rare for a small festival. You’ll be amongst people with similar interests, who are explorers and adventurers, curious about finding out more about being and life.

Your days will be filled with music, transformative workshops, seminars, lectures and professionally guided hiking tours – ALL of which are included in the price of the festival ticket. Good food and drinks will also be on offer.

But this festival also balances its music with the sounds of nature and silence. That means that music starts on the main dance floor each day at 11am, but will be turned off at midnight Monday to Thursday and at 5am-6am on Friday and Saturday night. So a true balance of four silent nights and two full party nights.

Mystic Mountain will be a week-long celebration of life!

Hiking tours

Mystic Mountain Line-Up

A mix of electronic journeys around the world, shamanic downtempo, oriental house, tribal techno, afro house, psy trance, Balkan beats and more will fill the festival site.

Acts so far announced include Blue Forest Live, Pepi Jogarde, Stevo, Juha, Zmayo, Cosmic Ocean, Riodario, Zho, Sretni Edi and more. See the festival’s Line-Up 2023 page for more info and to hear previews of these acts.

Mystic Mountain

Tickets for Mystic Mountain

Tickets for the festival are currently priced at €105 for the full-week, or €90 for the Thursday to Sunday long weekend. (These same tickets are priced at €80 and €65 for residents of countries in the former Yugoslavia.)

Tickets can be purchased at

Accommodation at Mystic Mountain

The festival ticket includes space in the on-site camp. The camp offers drinking water, showers and toilets.

Alternatively (at an additional cost) you can arrange indoor accommodation at any private accommodation facility in the area (you may find our Accommodation in the Plitvice Lakes page helpful), or at the Big Bear Resort that is 3km from the festival site. The Big Bear Resort offers luxury four-star mobile homes for groups.

Workshops at Mystic Mountain

Some of the workshops that you will be able to enjoy at the festival include:

  • Conscious Guidance For Awakening Souls :: Workshop By Ramsey Jordan
  • Deconstructing Ego :: Workshop By Ramsey Jordan
  • Mandala Painting :: Workshop By Tanja Prezelj
  • Creating With Feathers :: Workshop By Teja Tiax
  • Healing Through Touch – Meditation Process :: Workshop By Iva Solarević Jeličić
  • Ecstatic Spirit Dance – Connect To Your Divine Essence :: Workshop By Iva Solarević Jeličić
  • Biodynamic Hemp – Our Story :: Lecture By Goran Vadlja & Dora Vudrag
  • Sacred Circle :: Shamanic Ceremony By Goran Vadlja
  • Dorodango Balls :: Workshop By Sabina Makaj Grownups & Children
  • Natural Cosmetics Bath Bomb :: Workshop By Sabina Makaj Grownups & Children
  • Creating A Community With Sound, Rhythm, Silence :: Drumming Workshop By Branko Trajkov Trak
  • Experience Of The Other Side – Clinical Death First Hand :: Talk By Ina Matijević

Check out the Workshops page for more information on the above, and to see details of more workshops that will be announced in due course!

More info

Full information on the Mystic Mountain festival can be found on their website, with the latest festival news also appearing on Facebook and Instagram. map

Listen to the sounds of Croatian nature on

You will likely have noticed the many wonderful sounds of Croatian nature if you’ve visited the country. From the mesmerising sounds of cicadas in Dalmatia in summer, to Adriatic waters lapping gently at a beach; the amazing Sea Organ in Zadar to one of the Plitvice waterfalls crashing over rocks; the sound of an impressive summer thunderstorm to the tiny swifts zooming through the skies above Dubrovnik.

There is now a fascinating website called which offers a huge, free repository of pure and immersive natural soundscapes that have been recorded in locations all over the world – including a wonderful selection from Croatia. Just the thing if you’d like to relive (or experience for the first time) some of the amazingly peaceful sounds of the country!

Launched in 2022, is a non-profit, community project which holds 600+ recordings and counting. That adds up to around 8 days of authentic and pure natural sounds to fully immerse yourself into.

Sounds of Croatian nature
Artwork by Merve Gencer

Sounds of Croatian nature on

There is almost 15 hours of recordings of Croatian nature on What makes the recordings particularly special is that they are completely unedited, unlooped, and uninterrupted by any sounds generated by humans or technology – also known as ‘anthropophony‘. 

All the sounds have been collected by professional field recordists using specialist equipment to capture the true quality of nature’s soundscapes. 

Sounds of Croatian nature - artwork by Merve Gencer
Artwork by Merve Gencer

From birdsong at dawn in Jelenje and wind blowing around mountains in Gornja Gračenica, to the comforting crackle of a campfire in the Voloderac woods and the trickle of a creek in Lika, features 21 soundscapes recorded across Croatia. 

Dive right in with the following selection:

  1. A Night with Grey Wolves – Mrzli Dol
  2. Snow Storm with Powerful Thunder – Mrkopalj
  3. Life of Birds in a Calm Evening Spring – Rijeka
  4. Swamp at the Edge of a River – Krka National Park
  5. Spring Dawn Chorus in the Forest Meadow – Jelenje
  6. Crackly campfire in the woods of Voloderac – Voloder
  7. Storm in Velebit Mountain – Velebit mountain
  8. Water Flowing in Creek – Lika
  9. Windy mountains in Gornja Gračenica – Gornja Gračenica
  10. Meadow in the End of Summer – Zoretići


As well as providing these amazing nature sounds, also helps showcase environmental charities local to the areas in which the recordings are captured. The website also acts as a conservation tool by documenting uninterrupted soundscapes that are becoming increasingly scarce. It aims to continuously add new sounds to its map for a new experience. map

To enjoy more sounds of nature, take a look at their interactive world map that can be filtered by mood, duration, predominant sound, and habitat.

Perhaps you enjoy the sound of rain? There are over 9 hours of soothing rainfall to be heard. Or maybe you prefer birdsong? There are nearly 13 hours of that.

You can also filter through’s recordings library, explore their playlists, or try their Spotify podcast: Wind is the Original Radio

Enjoy the sounds of Croatian nature – as well as nature sounds from all over the world!