Accommodation on Cres is relatively limited – as you’ll see listed below, there’s only two hotels on the island. However, there is also a good selection of private accommodation – rooms and apartments – with many located close to Cres Town and its nearby beaches.

Peaceful and forest-covered Cres island is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday on one of Croatia’s islands, mixed in with some stunning scenery.

Cres can be reached by ferry from Rijeka, and there are also connections to the nearby island of Krk. Cres is also connected to the island of Losinj by bridge.

Use the box below to search for accommodation on Cres, on take a look at our guide below that to see the assorted accommodation options available to you:

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Accommodation on Cres – Hotels

Villas on Cres

Accommodation on Cres – Campsites

Private Accommodation on Cres