Accommodation in Kastela

Kastela is a town just outside the large city of Split. In actual fact, Kastela is a collection of seven smaller settlements – whose names all begin with ‘Kastel’ that roughly stretch from Split to Trogir. The largest two are Kastel Novi and Kastel Stari; kastel is in fact Croatian for castle. There’s a decent amount of accommodation in Kastela, and it’s certainly a pleasant place to stay if you’d like to be a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of Split but still within easy travelling distance. Kastela is also located just east of Split Airport so it’s easy to get to from the airport; a highlight here is Putalj Winery which is Kastel Sucurac.

Accommodation in Kastela

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Accommodation in Kastela – Hotels

There are several choices for hotels in the Kastela region.

Villas in Kastela

Hostels in Kastela

  • Hostel Oktarin (in Kastel Stafilic – double or twin rooms, plus beds in 4 or 6 bed dormitories)

Private Accommodation in Kastela

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Other accommodation options

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