Accommodation in Trogir

Trogir is a wonderfully picturesque coastal town, close to Split. (In fact, very close to Split Airport, so easily reached from there.) The town is situated on a small island, the whole of which is a UNESCO Heritage site, and features some fantastic sights. Trogir itself is quite small, but there’s far more accommodation options on the larger island of Ciovo (connected to Trogir by a short bridge, as well as to the mainland by bridge), where there’s also a number of beaches. Use the box below to search for accommodation in Trogir, or read on for a list of accommodation choices.
Accommodation in Trogir

Note – some of the accommodation below is technically on the island of Ciovo, but within walking distance to the town of Trogir.

Accommodation in Trogir – Hotels

Accommodation in Trogir – Boutique Hotels

Villas in/near Trogir

  • Villa Danica (2 villas sleeping 12 and 10 – pool, parking, pets allowed, close to beach)
  • Villa Demonta (Sleeps 8 – parking, terrace, close to town centre)
  • Villa Hurem (Sleeps 13 – terrace, parking, pets allowed, hot tub, close to beach)
  • Villa Marin (Sleeps 8 + 1 – pool, parking, on the beach)
  • Villa Palanga (2 villas sleeping 6 each – pool, parking, pets allowed, on the beach)
  • Villa Roko (Sleeps 6 – parking, terrace, close to beach)
  • Villa Snjezana (Sleeps 9 – pool, parking, pets allowed, close to town centre)

Hostels in Trogir

Campsites in/near Trogir

  • Kamp Rozac (Accommodation in mobile homes, on the beach, restaurant, bar, pets allowed)

Private Accommodation in Trogir